The Only Four-Letter Word That Matters

The Only Four-Letter Word That Matters

In my previous post, I used strong language in several spots. I understand that this is upsetting and disconcerting for some individuals.

Frankly, I don’t like using vulgar language unless it drives a key point home. I never, ever want to approach the levels demonstrated in these movies:

Sadly, most people have been programmed to respond to this kind of language. I myself must confess that I jump to attention if I hear someone launch into an expletive-laced tirade…but only if they are not constantly releasing strings of F-bombs. I mean, does anyone find it funny to hear a standup comic who relies solely on vulgarity to elicit laughs?

Because of this, sometimes I will include an expletive-laced phrase to demonstrate a point. The ‘point’ in the last article as to show that we the people of Earth are sick and tired … Read More


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