April 29th, 2018

Cobra UK Conference Part Two

April 29th, 2018

[Disclaimer: This report is based on notes taken at the time, and although I have tried to be accurate, I may have mis-remembered or mis-interpreted. So please do not take the following words as ‘absolute truth’. Thank you.]

The origin of this information is from Delphi Oracle – For the importance of these documents, we have shared a reference point here. Namaste.

For downloading a local copy of the information in a portal form (PDF), please click here:

Cobra Eastbourne Conference April 11th – 12th

Conference Summary

The lunchtime break provided ample time to sample the culinary delights of Alfriston. And these are modestly impressive. Conference delegates went off in small groups and after lunch gathered on the beautiful greensward that surrounded the Anglican Church. This was Sussex at its best.

Chatting to those who had come it was clear that most had crossed the divide between the consensus reality and acceptance of such ideas as extra-terrestrial civilisations, cabal manipulations over centuries if not millennia, archontic infestations of the etheric realms and similar arcane ideas. These were notions that would have the average bloke spluttering into his pint of beer in one of the Alfriston pubs.

Being in a well informed group like this proved refreshingly liberating, allowing most to say fully what they believed, rather than carefully self-censoring. Some of those gathered at this venue near Lewes, had been aware of the things Cobra presents for only a year or two. Others had been aware of exopolitics, Agartha, occult shenanigans and the Goddess for decades. It looked like we were unified in our world view. This proved not to be so, as will be seen later.

While most of the attendees at the Conference came from the UK, some had traveled from further afield, including both Greece and Croatia. Backgrounds varied, but to enter the nave of the charming deconsecrated church was not to enter a realm of latter-day open-toed sandal wearing hippies, with bizarre hair colours; rather it proved to be a reasonable cross-section of UK society, with business people, software experts, poets, composers, authors, chefs, market researchers, teachers and (retired) police officers, represented. While this group was hardly the ‘new normal’ it demonstrated that ‘awakening’ (or at least a burgeoning awareness that things are not as we are told) was occurring to a broad cross section of folk.

More on the Secret Space Programme


The Ashtar Command is a fleet assigned to the Jupiter Command. Its purpose is to awaken star seeds to their mission. They work through the moon Ganymede. The Ashtar Command entered our solar system through the Venus portal.

The Earth is surrounded by many groups of beings. They have different sources of Intel. This information, they understand from their own perspective. These beings are here and their numbers will increase. As time goes on, they will work with more individuals and groups.

The Oort ‘Cloud’ is made up of icy and rocky objects. It is a few light-years in diameter. Many of the objects within this cloud are cloaked Motherships. A repositioning is taking place today (11th April) and tomorrow. Some of the Motherships are ‘decloaking’ to a degree. There are connections to both Venus and the Pleiades.

The various planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and the recently discovered dwarf planet Eris, are all involved in this repositioning, and all have cloaked Motherships. In fact, the reason for holding this current conference, is to help with the repositioning.

The Secret Space Program is a complex situation. Groups within this programme are moving over to the light bit by bit. This Program has involved various extraterrestrials races. Some of these races are moving over as whole groups (Mantis, Reptoid etc).

Galactic information

The Galactic Central Son, is the source of higher evolution. It provides a portal to higher dimensions. All matter came into this galaxy from the Central Sun.

Many of the so-called fundamental principles of current science are simply wrong. For example Tachyons travel faster than light. In fact light is the slowest speed at which Tachyons travel. It is these Tachyon particles that harmonise everything. They bring harmony on a quantum level.

Tachyon technology was received as a gift from the Pleiadians.

The veil around this planet is artificial. Tachyon Chambers bring Tachyons to the surface of the planet. The ionosphere absorbs Tachyons (making it difficult for them to reach earth). Tachyon particles go to the source of an illness.


Cintamani is a stone that comes from the Sirius system. King Solomon had one of these stones, and so did Nicolas Roerich. These black stones will assist at the time of The Event. Cobra had small samples of such stones.

Energy Rays

Energy Rays

Pleiadian Ray – Unconditional Love
Sirius Ray – Joy
Andromeda Ray– Master Physical Plan
Galactic Central Son – Centre and Periphery
Lyra – Creativity
Orion Ray – Integrate Shadow
Antares Ray – Consciousness of Oneness
Sunanda – Unconditional Love
Kut Humi – Healing Energies
St Germain – Inner Alchemy
Serapis Bey – Angelic Beings
Ashtar – Fifth Dimensional and Telepathy
Dwal Khul – Heal etheric body

Various Questions

Positive ET Forces

Picture False channeling

he positive ET forces are part of a configuration, a loose union of races. However, in 1996 leading and effective channels were mind-programmed in bases. Since 1996 there has been almost zero real contact. In addition to this, people have been programmed against the word Ashtar. Use of this name, has led to an ab-reaction. The CIA had the ability to use computer programs to produce channelled information. It is possible for those sensitive enough to have real contact at an energetic level. But as the information is, as it were, downloaded, the ideas become changed. This is why so many messages are simply platitudes strung together with no real new and informative content.

Andromeda and Orion

A question was asked about the Andromedan and Orion races. The Andromedan races are a hybrid. The Andromeda and Orion groups are self-determined but have headed in the wrong direction.

The Central Sun

The Central Sun is a double star revolving around itself.

Informing people after The Event.

Given the steep learning curve that many have gone through, who are now attending this conference, and the time it has taken, how are ordinary people who have no idea about what is actually going on, going to cope after the event?

There will be information packages that will be given to the media. These will come from the Resistance Movement. They will provide necessary information for the public to make sense of what is going on around them. The tendency to put complete trust in what is heard on the news on television, will be used to great advantage at this point.

Cobra mentioned how consciousness has already shifted. The first visioning exercise was carried out in Egypt. At this gathering there was no mention of ET’s. Now the extraterrestrials are in everyone’s vision. After The Event there will be a process of Disclosure and this will be followed very shortly after by actual ET presence.

Useful sources of information

Cobra mentioned the value of the HERE IT COMES !!!!! Facebook page.

Mention was also made of, presented by Greg Hunter. In particular the article here.
A further excellent website was suggested, The founder of this site attended day 1 of the Conference.

More on The Event

More on the Event

The Event

Everything was impossible until someone did it. It is hard to envisage The Event. Every leap in human history has been like this. We’re going to have to pass through a psychological barrier of disbelief. One believer can create a situation enabling a breakthrough. Key events in human history are carried out by the Few. The human masses, at this time, will only need to watch TV! There will be instructions and explanations. Because of the ingrained power of TV, they will believe what they hear. For most people it will just involve a mind shift. They will be guided in the correct way.

However, to avoid distress, the distribution system to be kept running. We all have a part to play to enable the transition to be stable.

  • Hold the light
  • Keep the balance
  • Serve those around you

Our life training has led us towards this point. Certain human beings who are in key positions will be contacted.

The NSA and the Light forces are both monitoring activity (on social media). Comments on blogs are used as an indicator of reliability. At the time of The Event you will need to find your Inner gifts, your Intuition. (Cobra will not be there at this point.)
Always follow your inner guidance.
The Brotherhood of the Star includes the Heroes and the Ascended Masters.
The Order of the Star includes the awakened Light Workers and Light Warriors.
We are connected through a light mandala. It is therefore we who are determining how swiftly The Event will happen. The Cabal cannot stop the Light. The more people do their mission the quicker The Event will occur.

2012 – 2015 was a tricky period involving retaking the energy grid.

1) 25,000 years ago this grid was put in place
2) 1,600 years ago the Roman Catholic hierarchy took over the energy grid.
3) 1996 the grid was enhanced using the mobile phone energy masts.

The majority of the grid is now in the hands of the light forces. Because of this, we are now able to talk about the Secret Space Program and the freeing of the solar system. The Pleiades/Venus alignment is an important part of this. This alignment will impact on the geopolitical system. It will also influence finance, elections, Syria and so forth. A lot more Intel about the SSP and the solar system will be released. It is important to study the solar system now. It is useful to understand the nature of the sun, the planets and moons.

An Exercise and a Discovery

A Wolf in Sheep Skin

The Final Session

For the final session of the first day we were invited to do an exercise. It was clever and subtly demanding. Most of us found it difficult and then had the pleasing experience of succeeding and discovering something really useful. The nature of the exercise will not be described here, as to do so would be to take the experience from any who attend future conferences where it might be used.

However, something else happened that proved to be informative. We were divided into groups. Most of the groups worked quietly. One group, containing the Croatian contingent (and others) did not. They joked, chatted, sighed, laughed at how impossible it all was and so on. Cobra suggested a break. After the break most of this group did not come back. Apparently “they were too tired”. This behaviour proved to be a harbinger of things to come. Bizarrely, it involved men behaving badly, in fact behaviour so odd that it is hard in retrospect to believe this had not been orchestrated to entirely undermine this Conference. Cobra refers to this in his latest blog (May 7th 2015). They did not succeed. The story of what they did, who they were and why they acted this way will be for another time.

At the end of the day Cobra gave us a further task that to all intents and purposes, for most of us, was apparently impossible. And yet … and yet it proved not to be so. This also proved to be a big learning. The writer is not being coy, but will not say the nature of the task, as again it is one to be discovered if Cobra uses the same challenge at a future conference. All part of creating a new reality. Victory to the Light!

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