April 29th, 2018

Cobra UK Conference Part Six

April 29th, 2018

[Disclaimer: This report is based on notes taken at the time, and although I have tried to be accurate, I may have mis-remembered or mis-interpreted. So please do not take the following words as ‘absolute truth’. Thank you.]

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Cobra UK Conference Review

Part Six

Going to the two day UK Conference at a time of celestial alignments, proved to be an intensive experience. Writing it up over the following few weeks has allowed this writer to relive the power of the work Cobra and Isis are doing.

So, we might ask, what is the point? What is Cobra actually doing? And what role is being played by Isis?

The Universe
Now we may assume that those in the Cabal who are aware of Cobra’s activity will have been able to establish an identity – but that is not really the point. The credibility of Isis’s and Cobra’s work, is determined by the effect it has on the consciousness of those hearing it. It is nothing to do with their place of birth or birth name. This is why both Cobra and Isis insist their work is energetic. They are – this writer suggests – doorkeepers to portals – and the portals are in our own consciousness.

It is one thing to read material surrounded by the EMF of the computer screen, it is quite another to hear information presented with all the cadences of the human voice. Going to a Conference allows this. We are – in effect – the dreamers of a new reality. When this dream is coherent enough – or when sufficient numbers resonate at a particular level and with particular insights, The Event can occur.

By being with other relatively ordinary people, sharing extra-ordinary ideas, the sense that these ideas are deeply true is more than just a hope or a fancy, it becomes a real possession in consciousness. That being so, we all become integers in the change we wish to see.

Torus Field Spirals

Cobra and Isis are – it seems to this writer – working to shift the harmonics of consciousness of those who are truly open to their information (which then becomes more than merely informative. It provides a pathway to what might be.

For the writer there was a big ah ha moment: a time of hairs standing up on arms. This came when Isis spoke about the Vortex, the Goddess and Time. A vortex has a spiral structure. So forgive me now making the next part personal, for there was a major synchronicity.

Time Spiral

At about the time Cobra first started his blog I was writing my first novel. The ideas flowed swiftly and I’d completed the first draft of a 120,000 word novel in six weeks. Generally the key ideas occurred to me at night. Some of what I wrote about my main character, Rhory, I based on personal experience. And I realised this year, reading some of Rob Potter’s interviews with the guy astral projecting in Bali, that I had as a child, regularly left my physical body and undertaken astral flights. I now think this is one of the reasons I have always had certainty about God, the after-life and ET’s. 

In the novel, Time Sphere, Rhory becomes aware of other youngsters of the same age (just turning 13) at different time periods. I ‘made up’ a bit of theory to justify to Rhory what was occurring; so you can imagine my feelings when Isis suggested that time travels in spirals. This was exactly the ‘theory’ I had seen in a waking dream. I envisaged all my key characters (seven of them to be discovered over three books) becoming aware of each other at the same time. In other words they all were at the same point on the spiral, except at a different ‘level’ of time.

All seven will have to co-ordinate in the third novel to prevent time flowing where the followers of the duplicitous god Set (essentially the Annunaki following Cabal) wish it to, but to ensure it flows as it should as we return now to Galactic Day (and the chance of the Age of Gold being reflected here on Earth – and Earth transformed.

In this transformation, the energy of the Goddess (Isis and Maat) plays an important role, for Rhory and the others come into contact with the Priestesses of the Feather – the priestesses who follow the Truth of Maat.

I do not spell this out in the blurb about the book – as you can imagine – but essentially that is what is being explored.

You can learn more about Time Sphere here.

You can read some early chapters here.

Time Sphere Trailer

Here is what some people have said. The first are some very kind words by the author and broadcaster Graham Hancock.

A terrific read for young people of all ages! This book has it all, from encounters with Egyptian Gods through to thwarting drug gangs in a quiet English school. The gift of the Time Sphere from Rhory’s elderly aunt puts him at risk from the scheming Society of Secrets, who are determined to control the course of time itself. Both funny and gripping in equal measure, Time Sphere builds to a great climax involving ancient temples, manic secret service agents and strange goings on in a Wiltshire country house. –Graham Hancock, Author of War God

More Reviews

This book is not only just engrossing, exciting and entertaining, it is also filled with countless keys and clues that I am certain will be an important tool for many others on their own journey of discovering their inner calling. I finished it today, my sister a few days ago because she got so caught up in the story she could not put it down, and she has already told me she needs to re-read it soon ~ Bente Amundsen

Time Sphere is a fantastic and fun read! The main character, Rhory, is definitely the scrappy hero that we all want to follow and cheer along ~ Katie Sullivan

Time Sphere is a gripping novel, rich in its description of the characters and places involved. It combines the genres of mystery, science fiction, adventure, and ancient wisdom tale, skillfully combining outer action with inner perspective into the characters’ emotions and thoughts ~ Robert K. Clark

It’s a cracking good read with lots of action and endearing, convincing characters—yet at the same time, it also explores the deeper mysteries of life in a fascinating and exciting way ~ Teresa B.

Absolutely brilliant book. I was hooked from the first page and read it at one sitting. The interweaving of the different times and cultures is really well done. Not just for young adults but for us grown ups too ~ Mr. A. R. Eagle

Time Sphere Large Image

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