April 29th, 2018

Cobra Conference Part Four

April 29th, 2018

[Disclaimer: This report is based on notes taken at the time, and although I have tried to be accurate, I may have mis-remembered or mis-interpreted. So please do not take the following words as ‘absolute truth’. Thank you.]

The origin of this information is from Delphi Oracle – For the importance of these documents, we have shared a reference point here. Namaste.

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Cobra Eastbourne Conference April 11th – 12th Part 4

Attacking the minds that inform you

As far as the current writer can tell, the Conferences offered by Cobra are open events, in the sense that anyone can attend. As mentioned in Part 1, the audience at the UK Conference involved a wide cross-section of ages and backgrounds, brought together by an understanding that what is currently unfolding in our world can only be grasped by the perception that goes beyond this world.

The interviews with Cobra over the past three or more years, the posts on the 2012 Portal blog and the “Intel” released at the Conferences, are all testimony of an individual who is incredibly well-informed. More than that, Cobra is utterly dedicated – it appears – to a difficult assignment, and will continue until (and beyond?) The Event. In this Cobra is supported fully by Isis, who brings a complimentary energy and wisdom. Are these two people saints? Or sages? Are they overshadowed by Ascended Masters? Do Luminous orbs land on their lawn (assuming they have one) with data files? Frankly, who can say?

What can be said is that they make no special claims. Like the famous Ronseal advert on UK TV, they do exactly what it says on the tin. They are bringing information and energy about a birthing Age, a new era that is partly, but not completely, with us. They are doing this as best they can under conditions that not only are not ideal, but may well be dangerous. And they are human.

Teaching Humanity Flaws

Planned Attack


So, it was shocking to find two men and assorted impressionable women, launch an extraordinary and planned attack on both Cobra and Isis on the final afternoon of the UK Conference.

Isis had proposed to the group that we engage in a meditation, and that this would be followed by a video made by a participant at a previous conference, about the Goddess. At this point, a hirsute man from Croatia stood up – he was physically imposing – and told Isis not to do this. He argued that the meditation was wasting the delegates’ time. He demanded that the audience be given more Intel instead.

Isis handled this extraordinary rude and aggressive act with charm and courtesy. But the man persisted. This was the individual who had asked no questions and made no comments for the first day and a half. It was the same man who had led the group in the snickering, giggling and sotto voce commenting, that undermined the final exercise on the previous day.

We learned later that this individual, and his coterie of followers, had negotiated to stay at one of the delegate’s houses for free. (They never even thanked their host it turned out later.) The man from Croatia persisted, to the irritation of the majority present, and eventually Cobra intervened, pointing out that it was his conference and would proceed as he chose.

Another man, the organiser of the UK Conference, then stood up. At at least 6’3”, he also was physically imposing. He shouted at Cobra to “sit down”.
In the current writer’s experience of probably 100+ conferences, behaviour like this is unique in its crassness and ignorant rudeness.

To the huge credit of Isis and Cobra, they did not give way to this planned attack, and (at best) this exercise in stupidity and (at worst) this display of malignancy, had little energetic effect.

So why share this story? Well, to be forewarned is to be fore-armed. But also there are many coming to Cobra’s blog and the associated Facebook page, who have no idea that people can be, and are, manipulated to behave in ways that are quite self-destructive.

This writer, like most, cannot see clearly into other people’s hearts or read their deeper motivations and destiny. But, nevertheless, the Law of Expression holds:
“By their fruits shall ye know them.”

In other words, what people do reveals what they are.

Still from the BBC’s ‘Men Behaving Badly’

BBC's Men

So what did these ‘men behaving badly’ do? The one from Croatia we will call ‘ the hairy man’; the one from the UK we will name ‘the smooth man’.

Saint Germain
The hairy man has claimed in public, and published utterances, that he is St Germain. Perhaps he means he is the reincarnation. Perhaps he means he is the current expression. Perhaps he is asserting he has lived continuously on this planet for 400+ years. (If so, he has yet to learn basic manners.)

More than this, the hairy man claims to be both Jesus and Sananda. So we are dealing with a very odd trinity here. Normally, someone expressing ideas like this would be risking a period of medical treatment or the derision or pity of those with whom he comes in contact. But it appears not only has the hairy man built up a robust following in Eastern Europe, but he is surrounded by Ascended Masters (some as young as ten). At least this is what he asserts.

In his capacity as Jesus and Sananda, the hairy man wrote to the current Pope demanding an enormous sum of money. He did this in a letter written entirely in capitals. Now I suppose if you were Jesus, you could argue the wealth of the Vatican was yours to spend. At the time of writing, the Vatican has not released any funds.

What about the smooth man? He also wrote the Pope, addressing him baldly as ‘francis’. That in itself was both ignorant and rude. He also demanded huge sums of money. Why? Because the hairy man had persuaded him that he was the Archangel Gabriel. No kidding!

Now that claim is a philosophical absurdity, showing a level of ignorance about Divinity and Angelology that is quite breathtaking.

To Know Ones Ignorance

So why should a pair of men, and some impressionable women making fools of themselves, concern us? There is good reason.

Knowingly or unknowingly they set out to damage an energetic event of some considerable importance, the Venus transit over the Pleiades. The Conference was deliberately held at an important symbolic location in the UK. These men set out to wreck it.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they both appear to have mistaken fantasy for reality. Should Jesus or Sananda return in physical expression on earth in our time, we will reasonably expect every aspect of their behaviour to be impeccable. They have after all, mastered 3-D. The morally ambiguous and intemperate behaviour demonstrated by these two men, revealed they are just human beings like the rest of us, only with rather bizarre delusions.

But, by writing to the Pope as they did, and publishing this as they have, they have also effectively destroyed a wonderful initiative to begin to do infrastructure projects using some of the monies that will undoubtedly become available after The Event.

They also set out to damage Cobra in other ways which this writer will not comment on here.

This whole episode was an object lesson in what happens when you allow your own ego to become inflated, assuming spiritual powers are yours but without under-taking any discipline and without the initial cleansing process that is a requirement on the spiritual path, namely humility. The smooth man appears to have fallen under the spell of the hairy man – and truly believes that he is an Archangel, and so able to demand things from that position. That is simply sad. The hairy man has gathered others around him who appear to believe he is what he claims, St Germain, Jesus and Sananda. That is also sad.

It raises the question of why Jesus should be demanding more Intel from Cobra. I don’t think the hairy man was aware of the contradiction involved in that. He also missed the irony of ‘Jesus’ not wanting to meditate.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothes

There is good reason why following the spiritual path has always involved undertaking a discipline. Hence one who does so is considered ‘a disciple’. To assume fantastic powers and offices for ones-self, is not harmless fun. It has real consequences.

This is true in this case where it appears – at least to this writer – that the etheric and astral (a very tricky realm indeed) has been confused with the spiritual. The two could hardly be further apart, for the former is deeply material and the latter is simply Eternal and Divine. Those who have truly contacted their Divine nature have a holiness about them that brings peace and joy to those blessed to meet them.

For “by their fruits shall ye know them.”
Lao Tse - Tao Te Canon
Lao Tse The Tao Te Canon

“The reason why rivers and seas are able to be lords over a hundred mountain streams, is that they know how to keep below them. That is why they are able to reign over all the mountain streams.

Therefore the Sage, wishing to be above the people, must by his words put himself below them; wishing to be before the people, he must put himself behind them. In this way, though he has his place above them, the people do not feel his weight; though he has his place before them, they do not feel it as an injury. Therefore all mankind delight to exalt him, and weary of him not.”

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