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Human Programming 101: Emotions, Memories & Implants

Human Programming 101: Emotions, Memories & Implants

Foreword – This article was originally written and conceived by Summer Sun. Her blog can be found here:

After some discussion, we decided this topic was too heavy to be published there – even though it is based upon the same telepathic guidance from Light Beings which have been the driving force behind her posts for the past two years.

If you think we are not like computers – that we are organic life forms and we have intelligence and we can’t be programmed – think again. We are exactly like computers with operating systems, languages, memories, CPUs. Remember Westworld? Dollhouse? Do you think these things are created solely from imagination? The fact that someone wrote the scenarios for these series means that there were people out there who already had inside knowledge of how programming worked and that it was occurring well before these series were conceived.

Back in the old days (after Atlantis’ collapse) when humans lived in low-tech societies, the programming done to control human behavior was mostly achieved via the programming of the mind via imposition of cultural normalization. The elite masters started slowly introducing concepts in various civilizations that would generate the expected results. These early mind programming techniques were more focused on creating behavioral patterns which caused humans to be easily managed like livestock. These behavioral patterns eventually resulted in the creation of cultural norms & ‘customs’, religious belief systems, and legal/financial systems designed to further constrain human behavior to fit the elites’ agenda. The main goal of these various systems was to create a common expectation of acceptable behavior and to punish/exile the ones that didn’t follow these rules.

Here is a sampling of the programming strategies which have been used historically:

  • Warmongering – this programming was designed to infuse men (gender intended) with the inherent desire for constant armed conflict. This includes manipulating different groups of men and creating conflicts that would result with war. Each group would be told a lie about the other, making groups believe that they have been attacked somehow. This is a very powerful strategy that is used even today.
  • Sports & Games Programming – In the days of Atlantis, people enjoyed many sports. They used to get together and enjoy Olympics-like gatherings. However, they would do this only for the purpose of joy. After Atlantis, this idea was taken to another extreme and cruel scenes were created where prisoners and animals were killed in front of large audiences. The crowds were programmed that they were supposed to enjoy watching these and even feel sexual pleasure like emotions from watching these take place. This was one of the early implementations of emotional programming.
  • Hunting as “Sport” – this is an especially complex layer of programming which combines both ‘Warmongering’ and ‘Sports & Games Programming’. As difficult as many un-awakened persons will find this to believe, virtually all sentient species who do not live on Earth’s surface have evolved genetically and technologically to a point where they do not need to kill other species for food.

So, the first sub-layer of the ‘hunter’ programming was to restrict humanity genetically and technologically such that eating meat was considered a necessity for survival. Note that intentional dietary misinformation through the ages as well as ritualistic societal customs such as ‘slaughtering the fattened calf’ also played into this by indoctrinating humans into animal sacrifice as a necessary aspect of many feasts on holy days – especially those of the monotheistic religions.

Once humanity was fully indoctrinated into the idea of killing for survival, then it was easy to create a ‘sport’ out of it.  Especially in the U.S., hunting as sport has become big business as the link below shows(1):

Hunting for sport ties together the “Warmongering” programming with almost all other covert methods of programming… in fact, one can see in popular culture and news stories within the past few years that ‘hunting animals for sport’… may in fact be training humanity to ‘hunt humans for sport’… or at least for it to become a societally acceptable phenomenon:

  • Creating Religions and The Idea of “What God Approves” – This was the perfect mind programming tool. People were ready to believe a “God” they couldn’t see. This way the controllers were able to tell humanity whatever they wanted without any resistance. The biggest damage of the religions has been suppressing the divine feminine and the concept of the Female “Goddess”. This is related to the “Warmongering” programming, because people were also coerced into wars in the name of their male “Gods”.
  • The Educational System – Eventually, a new system “the educational system” started emerging to add in the mix. In 18th century, a few philosophers like Rousseau saw this and warned humanity:

(Click the ‘on education’ words within the ‘Contents’ section)

Education system would directly teach people the standard mind programming. This is where the concept of science must be separate from spirituality came. All scientists got educated in the system were conditioned to dismiss spirituality.

Of course, governments, monarchies were playing the fear card and programming people to obey and be slaves, while people were thinking this was perfectly normal.

  • The Media – The media emerged quickly after Gutenberg’s invention of the Printing Press allowed the written word to be produced en masse to a level unseen in the West since at least the time of the Roman Empire. This was another strategy to control the minds of the masses, and it has been a weapon ever since the Renaissance for those fighting for Light/Freedom as well as Dark/Oppression.

As technology has evolved, so have the strategies and ‘media’ employed.  All peoples of the world were glued to TV and were being brainwashed and programmed day and night. Eventually subliminal messages would be helping controllers achieve their purposes. Emotional programming techniques were also developing.  Now this has shifted to the internet and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

While these mind control techniques were ensuring a solid control matrix – along with the ultra-secret veil technology –in pushing the negative pictures and ideas to the human mind, the scientists employed by the controlling elite have been studying to invent more strategies to control not only the mind, but also the human emotions in 20th century.

At this point, the mechanisms become more hidden, subtle… and powerful.  For starters, the controllers had drugs that when ingested or injected would cause people follow the instructions without questioning.  Moreover, a technology called “Voice of God” (The irony… here comes “God” again) which would make people hear voices in their heads.

Additional research also found that with the use of certain frequencies, they could force certain emotions into human body. In second half of the 20th century, they would also have simulation technology which would simulate/play certain things in human mind. So, these “ethical” people decided to be more creative and we come to the early 80s where they began testing these methods on real people to a broader degree than ever before (ever wonder why military budgets exploded during that decade… now you know why).

Meanwhile, the physiological research was advanced enough that Trauma-Based Mind-Programming Techniques (TBMPT) were combined with the research described above to create the ultimate enslavement of the very beings who were incarnating to help humanity awaken and evolve at this prophesied time in history.

What you will be reading after this point forward is introducing a few very disturbing facts which may trigger deep emotions in you. I am writing these as I am requested by Pleiadians. I am told that this information will be a catalyst in deprogramming Lightworkers(2) from what you are about to read.

Much has been written about these concepts, in fact, here are a several links published at least years ago which will help to give everyone reading this a deeper background into ‘the rabbit hole’.

“So you have a choice. You can take the blue pill, forget about this and go on with your daily life. By clicking on the links you take the red pill. Be aware that what you read here will shatter your world view quite dramatically and you will need some time to digest this. But after you do, you will become a pillar of strength for people in this world because every human being will have to deal with this intel sooner or later at least to an extent. Please understand that I can take no responsibility for those who read this information and their psychological reactions to this.”

The horrible truth is that many Lightworkers have been taken into several underground facilities around the world (mostly between 1996 & 2001, but many were taken before and after this period) and they have been programmed with TBMPT. In other words, technologically advanced “Ritual Abuse”. But most can’t remember this – as their memories were wiped or altered to prevent conscious recall of what happened.

Many of the methods described above were used, along with many others. Note the number of techniques which have been researched, developed, and ‘perfected’ over recorded human history is too vast for the scope of this article.

Sometimes it was only a type of simulation that were played in the mind and assisted via drugs and/or given frequencies to implant the desired programming. In other cases, real ritual-like settings were created to have better success in the programming. This was done for key people to increase the success of the program. Kids, or anything that has important value for the person were used to generate most powerful affect.

With this ugly unethical science, they were emotionally programming people. They were imposing permanent damage into subject’s psyche and imprinting it with a shadow emotional state. This emotional state would then show itself subconsciously within every decision-making process in these people’s lives. In this way, thousands upon thousands of Lightworkers were prevented from waking up and doing their missions, so that unity would be unachievable, and no global community or alliances of these people could arise to challenge the status quo programming of humanity.

Some important imprinted shadow emotional states are as follows:

  • Guilt – This was mostly done by putting person in a state that make them feel that they failed to help or couldn’t do something or harmed someone. The stage would be very disturbing. After repeating the scenarios enough times in this emotional programming, these people would constantly feel “guilt” in their lives. In their relationships, they would always feel that in every situation they were the guilty ones and they would not be able to get themselves away from dysfunctional relationships.
  • Victimhood – Some people are programmed to constantly play the “victim” role. These people will always make you feel that what you did was not OK, and they were hurt by it. They will cause you to feel that you must provide help for them at all times. They will always complain about other people causing them pain. Consider someone programmed with guilt and someone programmed as being a victim living together… The relationship becomes an infinite loop of suffering.
  • What is Happening Behind My Back – This programming involves making the person feel that anytime someone doesn’t fully agree with them, it means they are doing something behind their back. This is some type of imposed paranoia. These people end up having tendency to lie. As soon as they feel a threat, they start looking for evidence by talking to other people that know all parties and they tell them incorrect things. This ends up manipulating relationships all involved. This is one major reason unity in the community and clarity of purpose cannot be achieved.
  • Passiveness – These people are programmed to not take any action on anything. This prevents progress. These people, even though they see the truth in conflicts, they will stay passive and not take any action to promote the justice.
  • Finding the Bad One – Some people are emotionally programmed to constantly look for the bad egg in the basket. They will always feel a need to be in some type of war in the mind that looks for ways to prove their points.

To make the situation even worse, Lightworkers who were supposed to cooperate with each other were programmed that all bad things which happened during their TBMPT sessions were done to them by a certain person or persons. This was done specifically to prevent important Lightworkers from cooperating with others – especially those who incarnated with the purpose of being in positions of influence or leadership.

Unfortunately, the concepts shared above can’t be proven until after Full Disclosure – when indisputable evidence such as survivor testimony of those who remember fully and also video/audio records are displayed openly to the public for the first time.

This is not an “Emperor has no clothes” case where all people see the same thing and eventually accept it as their truth. These programming activities were/are done in the dark underground places, and affected persons’ memories about these places have been altered or erased entirely. Nonetheless, the imprint of the programmed emotions remains – altering personal behavior for years.

The first stage of healing from any past trauma is to acknowledge it and to face it.  The target audience of people who are reading this article will be triggered to remember some strange memories after these concepts enter their awareness.

For those of you who will be triggered to begin the deprogramming process after reading this article, try to stay calm and spend time doing activities which help you relax and bring joy into your life. Also, be open and reach out to any beings of light with whom you resonate (angels, ascended masters, etc.) and call upon them for additional strength and support throughout this process.

The healing process may be chaotic and unpleasant but have faith in your ability to work through the memories and emotions – every one of us has a deep reservoir of strength which we can access during our most difficult emotional tests. The time to reclaim your power is now!


  1. For those “Red-Blooded American” readers who may believe that hunting and killing for sport is an inalienable right, not that the text of the 2nd Amendment says nothing about killing animals or humans for sport, as can be seen in the elegantly simple actual text: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
  2. The term “Lightworker” is often overused and misunderstood.  Within the context of this article, “Lightworker” is usually referring to those beings whose souls originate from advanced civilizations or higher planes of existence.  Many of these beings incarnated on the planet specifically to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity for the eventual physical ascension of Gaia/Earth as well as the human species.  The TBMPT described in this article represent an intentional malicious campaign over many generations and even lifetimes to hijack this process and to maintain a low state of consciousness for humanity.  The primary purpose in publishing this article is to begin the healing process for those beings who are beginning the ‘remembering’ process so that they know they are not alone… there are others out there who are like them and who have experienced the same traumas and are now remembering.  Complete healing is and must be the ultimate goal, not unnecessary fearmongering.


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  • […] (Nova) Si piensas que no somos como las computadoras, que somos formas de vida orgánica y que tenemos inteligencia y no podemos ser programados, piensa de nuevo. Somos exactamente como las computadoras con sistemas operativos, idiomas, memorias, CPU. ¿Recuerdas Westworld? ¿Dollhouse? ¿Crees que estas cosas se crean únicamente a partir de la imaginación? El hecho de que alguien haya escrito los escenarios para estas series significa que había personas que ya tenían conocimiento interno de cómo funcionaba la programación y que estaba ocurriendo mucho antes de que se concibieran estas series. […]

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