February 10th, 2018

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Where Are We, Anyway?

The Lay of the Land (and Sea… and Sky… and Underground Structures)

We are on “Earth”. At it’s best, this place is what the Pleiadians call “The Blue Jewel” … a potential paradise which can support millions of organic lifeforms due to both its size and distance from a sun which is quite stable energetically.

But for the past 26,000 years, “Earth” is a strange, horrible place with many secrets and layers of control:

Here’s a short summary of the links above:

  1. Physical archons & how they control U.S.A., Inc.
  2. Non-Physical Archons & how they control almost everything we cannot see within 8.6 miles of the surface.
  3. Introduction into the Chimera group.
  4. Impacts of 1996 Congo/Archon invasion (including the introduction of strangelet/toplet bomb.
  5. Additional details regarding ‘what actually happened’ after the 1996 invasion… and how those were still affecting us recently.

I also wish to emphasize the following points which have been copied from “Quarantine Earth Endgame” (3rd link above):

At a certain point they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism. They have demanded that the Source stops giving intel to the Ascended Masters and to the Galactic Confederation about the clandestine activities and plans of the dark forces or they threatened to destroy large sectors of the Galaxy.

Since then, the Light forces stopped receiving intel about a certain part of activities of the dark forces. This has created a cosmic energy split between Light and dark throughout all dimensions and was the beginning of duality. On the fifth dimension and above, darkness manifested simply as absence of intel and lack of understanding how to resolve the cosmic situation. From then on, certain races have begun to believe that darkness and suffering are a necessary ingredient of life experience, as night follows the day and day follows the night.

This allowed the dark forces to turn their Rigel stronghold into the first true quarantine where no Light could enter since the Ascended Beings did not receive intel about the activities going on Rigel and therefore could not send Light and Love to heal situations there. In secret, the dark forces have developed their most deadly weapon there, the strangelet bomb.

Toplet bombs are even stronger because top quarks are more massive than strange quarks – hence they are capable of releasing much more energy in a single detonation.

The point of the above is 1) to explain as concisely as possible the difference in scale between different explosive events:

… and 2) to try and re-educate people exactly why the Event has not happened yet.

Everybody Hurts

We are all suffering to various degrees on this planet. Tens of Thousands of people die due to the militant yet covert enforcement of cruelty at the hands of the Cabal daily. Billions of us toil through our muddled 3-D lives wondering what the point of this whole existential mess really is.

Who are we, and where are we?  We are hostages in a planet-sized concentration camp. Some of us are brutally tortured in the literal physical sense of the word, while others experience torture emotionally & psychologically – still others are ‘lucky’ enough to simply be bored or overworked but are otherwise OK.

It seems that ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’ lives on this planet have a random element to them in order to maintain the illusion that everything occurring on this planet is normal.  Without accurate and timely information about the reality beyond our planet, we don’t know and would never know that our daily lives are simply the results of a carefully planned planet-wide slave system where cruelty is not just tolerated – but some actual consider it to be a natural law.

Simply read articles or books regarding the application of Darwinism to economics and social structures… you will get a clear picture of the reality the Cabal wants to create on this planet. They may disagree on the tactics and specific projects, but it’s really about who’s best able to create a sustainable system where cruelty is justified intellectually so that those smart enough to understand the bigger picture will go along with “the program” in order to live a lifestyle of privilege and prestige.

Scarcity of key resources such as healthy food, clean water, safe living structures, equal access to medical care, education, information, jobs, etc. – all of this has been designed via research of ruthlessly insane beings who come from higher dimensional consciousness but have somehow been twisted via disconnection from their higher selves such that they sadistically enjoy what happens here in ‘normal life’ on Earth.

This is not a school… unless the intended education is to train a small elite in the ways of enslaving their fellow classmates, and to brainwash the non-elites into willingly accepting – and even wanting – that enslavement.  If you seriously believe this is a school, you may as well stop reading.

Sowing the Seeds of Love

At some point, this hostage standoff will end – and Earth will be liberated. That may feel like a looooonnnnnnng way off at this time, but it WILL happen, and that moment is quite close.

The question is:  What can WE – individually and collectively – do to hasten that moment and to prepare for it?

This is where every awakened person must do their own inner work and search deep inside their soul to find their purpose at this time.  Everyone of you reading (or skimming) this article has special talents and/or circumstances which you can use to improve conditions on this planet. Whether this is starting a blog, volunteering for a worthy cause, working for an organization with positive intentions (and which has NOT been Cabal-infiltrated at the highest levels), or simply being kinder to each-and-every human who you encounter in your daily lives.

We can energize each day with love in a uniquely personal way. We must end cruelty on this planet and encourage others to do the same. From 1965 to 1995, there were several energetic waves where a higher-vibrational consciousness came close to toppling the existing institutions of Cabal control.  The timing and circumstances varied based upon geopolitical circumstances, but various signs of this can be seen in places as varied as the anti-war movement of the late Sixties to gender equality to the fall of the Eastern Communist Bloc to the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

Unfortunately, all of these waves of higher-vibrational consciousness were infiltrated by the Cabal; the movements splintered, key figures working for the light were assassinated, or key initiatives became hijacked and used for nefarious purposes (research Rockefeller involvement with the Women’s Liberation Movement in the U.S. for example).

We can even see this same infiltration occurring within the alt-media & truther movements. We simply don’t even know what to believe anymore – and the same seems to apply to many seemingly reliable insiders or whistleblowers.

For this reason, it seems necessary to introduce a new mentality to the lightworker/warrior/truther community – that of “Heart-Centered Discernment”.

Here is why I am introducing this concept:  many awakened people are constantly searching for the next big “data dump” or “breaking story”. The sobering reality is that many of these ‘facts’ are actually carefully scripted disinformation campaigns originating from Cabal-controlled think-tanks or intelligence agents. Simply look at the “Flat Earth” disinformation campaign – how and when it spread.

We have become addicts to the latest news – and during blackout periods regarding Intel from positive sources, negative factions will mobilize and release massive amounts of disinformation so that desperate bloggers and info-starved readers.  We are within one of these periods now, and I urge people to not seek truth outside of themselves, but to go within and find the eternal truth in your heart and your soul.

Don’t be a Cabal tool and spread disinformation willy-nilly. Use discernment and ask yourself if the latest news has a truly positive energy behind it. Those working for planetary liberation from the Cabal want REAL TRUTH to be dispensed… this means bad news will be communicated compassionately and good news will be served without obvious political bias.

Negative sources will often try to confuse with their Intel, to spread fear, or promote divide-and-conquer ideological narratives as ‘facts’. Also, they will sometimes portray reality in a falsely positive light such to demoralize well-meaning people searching for truth. This sadly pertains to most channeled messages but also to various “Dinar Gurus” and other purported insiders who give specific dates and names, such to present themselves as “in the know” and increased perceived legitimacy of their Intel.

Positive sources will usually focus upon the human element – lies are not spread, but sensitive Intel is withheld to ensure not only success of critical initiatives but also the safety of the real “White Hats”.

Also, positive sources will encourage discernment and ‘taking action’ while ensuring safety and cohesion of groups working for planetary liberation (even on a small level).

Note that ‘taking action’ can be as simple as diligent participation in organized mass meditations and spreading awareness of these at critical times. Be cautious of anyone who argues that these organized events are ‘brainwashing’ or ‘satanic’ in origin – simply read the words and instructions, then discern the intentions within them. People may not always agree on the language or the visualizations, but for someone to claim that these events to have a malicious intention is preposterous and may even be a sign of a compromised individual.

I will end with four sentences which eloquently describe what “Heart-Centered Discernment” can be.  If you only remember one thing in this article – please, please, please remember these words:

You need to bring the truth in your heart out.

You can’t hide the truth anymore.

This is how the justice will be served.

This is how the Earth will heal.

The more of us who actively hold the light on this planet and work for truth, justice, and healing… the faster our liberation will come.

Planetary liberation begins in our hearts, our minds, and our souls.

Victory of the Light!


  • Napoleon Salvail says:

    Well said and timely, you have expressed what so many of us have been feeling. Sometimes I feel like the kitten that is fixated on the feather at the end of a string and must keep trying to catch it. We are in our mid 70’s and it seems like eternity as I review the past 50 years and see the complexity in this deception. Having always been intuitively aware of the problem but blinded by the matrix in having any real sight. We must each find something within us to keep us focused on visualizing a world that we want to provide whatever support we can for those trying to help. Victory of the Light!

  • Christopher Spear says:

    We are all shining stars, some a little brighter than others. As you are.

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