April 22nd, 2015

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Leading By Example At The Event – Anyone Can Do It If They “Want” To

I’ve been in a bit of an energetic funk lately.  Often my ‘real’ life gets in the way of writing and doing other critical website maintenance items.  It’s bit of an inconvenience, especially when virtually no one who knows me on an ‘in-person’ level is aware I am doing this.  Hence, I tend to blame everything on being overworked at my job, which has the added bonus of being 100% true.

Despite the grumpy Grumpy Cat No start, I do wish to write a bit of an encouraging and uplifting piece – although it is couched in the idea that substantial work is necessary to manifest positive change in the world.

To all of you – please read the following “Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz, 21st-22nd March 2015 – Part 2” at the following link:

For the purposes of this article, I will emphasize the following text from the post on Untwine’s blog as communicated from Cobra during the conference:

“They will also meet and the Resistance Movement and the Light forces will contact the Event Support groups directly or indirectly. The light workers of the Event Support groups will receive instructions to make certain contacts, for example to the media. We here, physically present and listening or reading, have deeper understanding of what is happening than anybody else on this planet like for example politicians or other people, who usually have been in public until now.

Those people, who have been in publicity until the moment of the Event, will be mostly completely confused when the Event will have been happening. They will need assistance and guidance, as they will not understand, what is going on and they will not know what exactly to tell to the masses. WE are the ones, who will have been speaking to the masses, who will have had explained what has happened, what is happening and what will happen. The future of the planet is in our hands now and from the time of the Event on as well. The infrastructure can remain functioning through our actions.

We will have been the ones, that will have had informed the electrician, the man inside of the water supply, the chiefs and workers of the supermarket and of any other organisation/corporation. We will have been the ones that will have had explained what the situation is, what is coming for them and what to do. We will have been the ones who have communicated to those people around our house and area, how the situation is evolving into a positive future and how we can all play a role in this.

We will have been explaining them the meaning of their role and the significance of their behavior during the crucial time, the first 1-2 weeks approximately after the Event. We will have been the ones who will have had initiated the actions that have a domino effect, the actions of all those people during the intense transition, when most people are confused and some -hopefully not- might be in panic. This is why we create now, in this exact moment, the Event Support groups all around the planet. The Event Support groups will have been the ones who will have been responsible to make sure, that the infrastructure will remain intact.”

I have emphasized in bold particular text which really gets at the heart of the issue.  When I first contacted Cobra in December 2013 asking “How can I help?”, these are the kinds of actions I was envisioning doing once the financial system gets shut down and arrests ensue.  As most of us remember from 9/11, when something really big and without historical precedent is happening it can result in millions (billions?) of people standing around watching the news, jaws half-open, wondering “What the $%#! is going on?”

Sadly, there will be a lot of confusion initially – and from personal experience we all know that a person in a state of confusion is likely become a person in a state of fear.

If anyone doubts that fear can and will be a huge issue at the time of the EVENT, just look at the hysteria flying all over the alt-media as the result of two little words:  JADE HELM.

To dispel that, I encourage everyone to give a listen or read the transcript to Rob Potter’s latest interview with Cobra here.  When reading the section discussing Jade Helm, I ask everyone to consider the nuances and chess moves going on within the various alphabet-soup agencies involved with the U.S. Federal Government.  Sometimes people just follow orders without asking questions; in many instances this is done not out of a desire to be a biological automaton, but to simply “Do one’s job, and do it well”.  The key is not in the troop movements themselves, but to consider the actual chain-of-command and what people are positioned where.

I don’t really want to give away too much of my thinking, but sometimes circumstances change and instead of going THERE, everyone will be sent SOMEWHERE ELSE instead.  This could easily be related to changes which would occur suddenly and without warning regarding who is giving orders and what those orders are.  It is, in Cobra’s words “a double-edged sword”.  Indeed it is.

I hope those are the only words I ever write regarding Jade Helm.  Frankly, I’m not scared one bit about it – if I was, I would not be writing on this website and would be a fear-monger instead.  What I want to get people thinking about is the potential for positive action and influence that lies within each and every one of us.  I’m talking about trusting one’s convictions and intuitions – knowing right from wrong in high-pressure situations.  Without getting into the technologies used, the EVENT will not happen until it is safe to occur.  A key prerequisite is for the situation to occur under optimal circumstances – where people are not agitated and acting out irrationally and violently in the case that their ATM card stops working mid-transaction.

Could this be the case if the EVENT happened now?  Probably not, but it would have been had it occurred in 2014 or even earlier.  Everyone is frustrated due to delays, but the reality is that humanity would have been a powder keg of anxiety, and shutting down the financial system would have lit that fuse to blow sky-high.  Does it suck that it has taken so long relative to our hopes during Spring 2012?  Yes, it does – especially when one has had friends die from illnesses which would be easily cured post-EVENT.  But at the same time, there are a lot of wise beings and people watching things unfold, and nothing will happen until things are ready.

But this is where ANYONE comes in.  There’s one critical element necessary to pull this off, and that is having a critical mass of people willing to talk to anyone and everyone in order to ensure that panic does not rule the day.  Even with a significantly less agitating environment on Earth, those first moments will be some of the most tense and nerve-wracking minutes in the entirety of Earth’s history for the vast majority of the population.  Even if you are someone who knows what is going on and is being guided in what steps to take and when, it will still be stressful.  This is why it is so critical to look within yourself and say:

“This needs to be done.  I want to be someone who helps maintain calm and order when the EVENT begins.”

The good news in all of this is that you do NOT need to ‘look the part’ to make a positive difference.  Most of the script-reading public officials will have no idea what is going on.  In fact, it is likely that the ones who understand first what is going on will be getting handcuffed.  This in and of itself will cause a lot of high-ranking officials to be in a state of sheer terror when things are going on – no matter how expensive their suits, hair stylists, and speech script-writers may be.

To drive this point home, I’ve included a fairly accurate self-portrait of myself:

Simpsons Comic Book Guy

Yes, that’s a joke – mostly.  But I am an overweight, middle-aged, and relatively unkempt male in my daily life – all of that is true.  It was due to those traits that I sat on the sidelines and simply read fear-porn in the alt-media up until December 2013.  However, at that point something flipped in me.  Something stirred deep in my heart and my gut.  I simply got pissed off and said “Enough is enough!”  I got tired of waiting and watching and doing absolutely nothing to be a force of positive change.  This was due in large part to the self-esteem issues that resulted from the above appearance as well as personal circumstances complex enough to fill up a couple of daytime talk shows.

Now it’s been about 17 months, and my life has turned from one of mundane overwork toward one filled with scribbled notebooks, collections of key links and contact information, and a complete absence of anything resembling ‘free time’.  It is really, really stressful – yet I’ve never felt better about myself as a person.  Even with the toll it has taken (I’ve gained even more weight and feel about ten years older), I am happy every day that I decided to get involved when and how I did.

While I am sure that some people will use this as an opportunity for a snarky comment or five, I am also hoping that at least a few people read this, look in the mirror and say “Hey – I can do that, too!”  That – more than anything – is what we need from the PFC audience, from Cobra’s audience, and from the Event Reference audience.  Ultimately, we need it to extend to a much larger pool of websites – we’re working on creating that as well.

The more people who are willing to speak up and be a voice of calm and reason when the EVENT happens, the more likely this can be a completely safe and positive experience for all of humanity.  Yes, there will likely be pockets of chaos here and there – but each person willing to talk to local politicians, media, and businesses can be a beacon of light for the rest of the confused masses.

Think about it this way.  How proud would you feel to know that you have just saved someone’s life?  Now multiply that by a hundred, a thousand, or even a million – that is the magnitude of what we are dealing with.  It will take a committed and resolute group spanning the globe to make this happen peacefully and with a minimum of chaos.

If reading these words causes a stirring in your heart and your gut, then you may be just the kind of person needed at the time of the EVENT.

Nothing is more important than a personal desire to help.  We don’t have to be martial arts experts, experienced surgeons, or wealthy benefactors.  We just need to find that spark of goodness within ourselves, and answer the call to action at this moment in history.

You can be the difference-maker.  You can be the change you wish to see in the world.


  • Joyce Van Pelt says:

    My husband died on April 17, 2016. He was my life and I prayed continually for him to no avail. I have tried but feel no joy or motivation since he died. He was Bahi in faith and Christians tell me he was wrong and will be punished! I can find no peace until I know for sure he is OK and safe. I am a senior and try to go on for my dear, sweet kitties. They also seem so sad since he died. I tried to contact a medium to talk to him and they want a $300 dollar fee and I live on a very small Social Security check. Where is the “Love ” here? I keep trying to feel better but where will be my happiness or joy wthout my beloved husband if I live long enough to experience the “Event”? I have seen no one address this type question on your sites. Can people in deep grief still benefit from the “Event”? Will my beloved husband ascend or will he have to reincarnate into this world of pain and troubles? This issue concerns me more than any other issue or subject. Thank you from Joyce (a Virgo from 1945).

    • novabiscotti says:

      I would advise you to read that post a bit. I myself have loved ones who died prior to August 1999, and have wondered about what happened to them after were no longer physically incarnated.

      Keep in mind, the period of time Cobra references – August 11 to August 14 of 1999 – that is a span of time David Wilcock also referenced as a time of intense cosmic energies back in the days when he used to channel and publish those channelings.

      This is long before your husband passed, but what the link above confirmed for me is that those who die nowadays are not trapped in the normal sense within our reincarnational prison. Moreover, after what I briefly read about the Bahi (or Bahá’í) faith… there seems to be almost no justification for Christians to criticize your husband for his beliefs. It, too, is a monotheistic religion like modern-day Christianity – and seems quite similar at the base of the belief system.

      My belief is that after the EVENT, there will be opportunities for us to connect with our loved ones who are no longer alive in the physical sense. I know others who have experienced a recent loss – and all of them are concerned about what is going on in the etheric & astral realms.

      If your husband died 15 or so months ago, it may be a different story… there was much chaos on those planes at that time. However, now I think the situation is much more peaceful ‘up there’. Take solace in the fact that your husband is now more free than we are as physical residents of the last holdout of darkness. He is likely able to freely choose – with the assistance of light forces – where his energy should reside. For all we know, he is able to be around you now without interference from dark energies, and he is able to send you healing love.

      I must stress that these are my beliefs, and I am not an expert in communicating with those who are not physically incarnated. But I do feel strongly that you can let go of those fears, and there is no need for you to pay $300 to a medium to connect with him. It may be hard for you to ‘hear’ him, but he can and does hear you. If you can live happily and with strength every day, that will help him more than anything. Those who are ‘beyond’ do not want us to suffer, either. Be at peace, and look forward to the day when you can communicate with him easily – no barriers.


    • Eleni K says:

      Dear Joyce Van Pelt, I was so touched by your letter. It’s so beautiful that you’ve loved (and have been loved by) someone till the last day of his life. Please, PLEASE, try not to listen too much of what ANY religion has to say. They are all organized communities with certain motives, and NO religion can keep any of us away from the Divine we ALL derive from and bear while on Earth. We are all ONE, bearing different characteristics of the same Light, segments of the ONE LOVE that ever existed. Let peace fill your beautiful heart and be sure that your beloved come and go as they wish. It’s their own higher destiny and will to live, love and play on this planet (or elsewhere) – as is yours, mine, everyone’s! It’s just that, as a part of the game, we don’t remember much when we enter the game (each and every time). He is fine, better than ever before, filled with love and peace and I am sure that his spirit is trying to find ways to assure you of that.
      I am sorry for your pain. Just know you are loved and blessed, even for that alone…

  • Lyda says:

    I AM not done with reading all of this info… It has been very up lifting, easy to understand and gives direction where everything is going and on a continuing procedure towards a Glorious Event . Very calming indeed, thank you all Goddess God & Father God Bless and keep YOU all in all of your work. NAMESTE

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