March 10th, 2015

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The TinFoil Hat Guild

(NB – There are two intended audiences for pieces like this one; and this one is in a sense ‘defining’ the first much smaller audience in a way that will be helpful for the much larger secondary audience post-EVENT.  Please keep that in mind while reading these posts, and if something doesn’t sit right with you, skip on to the next one.  Hopefully there’s at least one post or page which will resonate or ‘hit home’ with each person who comes here.)

I’ve been struggling with what my first blog post for this website should be. While I don’t intend to be the only writer for this website (submission ideas welcome), I will likely end up doing most of the writing. Many of the pieces I write are meant to be read in chronological order – especially for people who come here after the EVENT. This is because I’m trying to let others know that there’s not such a great gulf between those who are ‘awake’ and those who are not.

Speaking of my own journey toward understanding, I cannot say it’s been a pleasant ride. I managed to stumble – via several passionate pleas – into an unusual voice on the internet. I like to emphasize that I was not very ‘astute’ regarding certain things until possibly 2008-09 at the soonest. But there I must state it was the financial snow job crisis for alerting me to many things that were not right in the world. Even then, it took me another 2-3 years to really put the pieces together.

For this ‘field’, subculture or what-have-you – I am pretty green.

Hence, I’ve decided that perhaps sharing my own struggle with significant cognitive dissonance upon seeing the big picture will be of assistance when the you-know-what hits the fan. (Create … break)

In November 2013, I went with some friends and family to see an amateur performance night at a jazz club that was soon closing. One of my friends was performing. It was an eye-opening experience, and extremely infuriating to boot.

Several acts poked fun at people who believe in those things. You know, the stuff only ‘weirdos’ believe. I had been a big believer in something significant happening on or prior to 12/21/2012…although I was not convinced exactly ‘what’ that would be. Somewhat luckily, I did not go around ‘proclaiming’ anything like some prophet of days gone by. I simply started casual yet indirect conversations with others much more mainstream in their beliefs.

This too was eye-opening. It seemed that people were much more willing to consider certain concepts and narratives if they didn’t have to worry about the opinions of others. Yet in the jazz club that night, I felt like I was suddenly a million miles away from everyone. It was one of the loneliest experiences of my life, and I had several follow-up conversations to gauge how others felt about those concepts as ‘absurdist’ humor. I was definitely seeing a clear boundary line – an impenetrable wall separating two paradigms.

That barrier didn’t need to exist. Yet it did, and out of sheer intellectual stubbornness I simply dug in my heels and realized that somehow I needed to be the person (much like the woman in the video below) who shattered that barrier for others.

Within 4 weeks of that night, I made a series of life-changing decisions – all from a keyboard or a smart phone, set in motion by simply selecting ‘Send’.

Now I’m writing for a website under a pseudonym to protect my identity. It’s really to protect me from my employer, and sadly essentially all of the people I know via personal interaction (at least as of the date I write this).

Many of you reading this prior to the EVENT may be nodding in agreement; if not, I am hopeful that your experiences were better – I know many who have truly suffered for their beliefs. I have not. But I also remember at least a decade ago ridiculing others for belief in certain ‘conspiracies’ – to use a common term. Now I was on the other side of the paradigm barrier, and I decided I needed an ‘all-inclusive’ name to describe “an extremely diverse group of people extending into all walks of life, representing all nationalities and belief systems”. No term seemed to fit, so in keeping with my online habit of ridiculous yet memorable names, I’m going to use this one:

The TinFoil Hat Guild

I will use TFHG for short. If Clif High can be taken seriously while using the term “Space Goat Farts”, then I will happily use this term to describe those on my side of the barrier.

However, someday (maybe even as you’re reading this) the barrier will be gone.  We’ll all be living within the same paradigm and humanity will be permanently changed by this.  Very quickly it will be obvious that these changes are extremely positive for our planet.  This will finally enable us productively work together to end longstanding problems long believed unsolvable.


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