A Post-Event Action Plan

A Post-Event Action Plan

(Compiled by David Gane: humilitynow@yahoo.ca)

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Translated Versions of this article & document can be found here: http://communityleadersbrief.org/2016/05/05/a-post-event-action-plan/

The following are suggestions based upon the A Plan To Maintain Safety During The Event article by Nova Biscotti (newagebiscuit@gmail.com) and Event Support Group (ESG) guidelines. Enhance and adapt these action steps according to your community’s needs while adapting to the flow of what is required moment by moment as reality evolves. Be mindful that a calm, loving, & flexible presence will be a major attribute and necessity for a successful implementation of the Plan and of great benefit to serving the needs of your community members.

Immediately After The Event Commences (0-3 Hours In)

  • Contact ESG members to initiate distribution of the Community Leaders Brief (CLB).
  • Ask around for friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or
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