Deciding To Tread Off The Beaten Path

This is an ‘off the cuff’ post written while functioning under ‘suboptimal mental conditions’.  Simply, this is more or less an unfiltered stream-of-consciousness post.

The website you are reading is designed by people who are still ‘in the midst’ of their spirtual growth.  In saying that, I am trying to convey a very simple idea:

“Anyone can be a leader within the new paradigm if they choose to do so and are willing to accept the backlash of those who are paying attention.”‘

I write this not due to any one source, but upon reflection of the inputs of myriad sources  – including those who would consciously reject the new paradigm of ‘love, independence, and respect’.

To be clear, that is where I believe we are heading.  But…I may not share the same views as others regarding the process of how we get there.  The future will be written in … Read More


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