Land of Confusion (Don’t Give In!)

Land of Confusion (Don’t Give In!)


“There’s too many men – Too many people – Making too many problems…

…and not much love to go ‘round. Can’t you see this is a land of confusion.”

Over the past month, I’ve been seeing a lot of conflicting information regarding Jade Helm. Most websites are promoting it as the implementation of Martial Law within the United States. The paranoia is palpable, and is even getting attention within the mainstream media:

Frankly, it is getting sickening. I appreciate when people are trying to warn others about what is going on behind the scenes, but right now the roar of panicked gun-owners across the affected states (as well as those NOT affected) is getting deafening.

In my opinion this is a disinformation campaign on the part of both the White Hats as well as Cabal agents.

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