Leading By Example At The Event – Anyone Can Do It If They “Want” To

April 22nd, 2015 Posted In: The Event, Volunteer Tags: , , ,

I’ve been in a bit of an energetic funk lately.  Often my ‘real’ life gets in the way of writing and doing other critical website maintenance items.  It’s bit of an inconvenience, especially when virtually no one who knows me on an ‘in-person’ level is aware I am doing this.  Hence, I tend to blame everything on being overworked at my job, which has the added bonus of being 100% true.

Despite the grumpy  start, I do wish to write a bit of an encouraging and uplifting piece – although it is couched in the idea that substantial work is necessary to manifest positive change in the world.

To all of you – please read the following “Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz, 21st-22nd March 2015 – Part 2” at the following link:


For the purposes of this article, I will emphasize the following text from the … Read More


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