Good Morning !

July 7th, 2015

Note : This post is intended to inform readers on the day of the Event, and will be posted before the actual Event.

Good morning to you, newcomer ! It’s Mass Arrests/Financial Reset day, or Event day as we’ve been calling it for years. Yes we’ve been knowing about this for a while, for very good reasons. You were guided here to find some answers. Here are a few :

I say good morning, even though it may be afternoon or night, because what I’m actually wishing you here is a good awakening. For the great majority of the population, this is what today is all about.

The next few days are gonna be quite a ride. Nothing bad though. This is definitely not the armageddon. No hollywood-like post apocalyptic stone age. No third world war, no martial law, etc. No negative scenarios. No law of any sort imposed on … Read More

The Event Reference
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