The 5 Stages of Forgiveness

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(This was originally a Facebook post as “Nova Biscotti” on October 6, 2018. I have never knowingly read these anywhere else, but I apologize in advance if this feels like a ‘repackaging’ of others’ timeless wisdom.)

The 5 Stages of Forgiveness

1. Face the truth of the situation without emotional bias. This is applied no matter if you are the person who has wronged another person or if you are the person being wronged. This means understanding personalities, circumstances, and also unseen influences such as negative entities or quantum anomaly.

2. Regardless of your role in any situation, forgive yourself before all else. This will clear your energy bodies of any negativity, and allow you greater clarity into the true nature of the imbalanced situation. If you have done wrong, you will find it easier to admit wrongdoing if you have forgiven yourself… and if you have been wronged, you

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