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Corey Sturmer Interview With Cobra October 14, 2012 (The Golden Rule)

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(Nova Biscotti – the original interview is no longer available at the link below. This is a re-posting of the transcript.)

If you haven’t read them, the interview was centered mainly around these two posts:

On October 14, 2012 I took some time to catch up with COBRA, author of 2012 Portal a self described intelligence hub for what COBRA calls “the victory of the light.”  Since early 2012 COBRA has released periodic posts about 2012 and the coming paradigm shift among other “intelligence leaks.” He maintains that his sources are a group of benevolent Extraterrestrial beings who have contacted a group of physical humans called the Resistance Movement. These entities, he says, are working with humanity to help liberate planet earth from the grip of tyranny.

Like all information circulating the internet and especially anything related to a “2012″ blog there are a lot of doubts and confusion about what’s true and what isn’t.  Because of this attitude of uncertainty many millions of people opt to give up ever trying to seek truth or become so overwhelmed by the complexity of it they just move on to other things.  My theory is we should all be listening closely to everyone and everything and decide for ourselves, so hopefully many of you will find value in these words spoken.  If you aren’t familiar with 2012 Portal or COBRA see “What is COBRA or perhaps my first interview with him on Gold, the Cabal and more.

Admittedly there has been a lot of infighting among those I believe to be “of the light,”  so for those of us holding positive intent with a knowing of what’s coming  it has been a frustrating and gut-wrenching year.   COBRA’s posts have always resonated with me since I discovered 2012 Portal in March despite the fact that he remains guarded about his identity and many of his sources.

Much of our discussion focused on the day of decision, October 21, 2012 which COBRA says began the second “window of opportunity” where every human being’s free will and decision can create enough positive intent to manifest The Event.   You will notice this interview took place October 14th, well before the Day of Decision and I am releasing it well after.  This is for two main reasons which are that reality was manifesting for me personally in such a way that A) I could not release it in time and B) I was actually faced with real decisions pertaining to my sovereignty on the 21st of October and wanted to integrate the light (understanding) before writing the below. Now, what decision is that exactly?  Depends on who you ask!  COBRA doesn’t say precisely, and I won’t bore you with my personal problems…but I understood what was being stated – each of us no matter what the circumstance have to make a decision.  Do we submit to tyranny or do we declare our sovereignty in the face of it?  In truth this may be the only question we came here (earth) to answer.

We’ve Had Enough

Personally, I have had a challenging 2012 full of opportunities to bring light to earth.  I can’t speak to COBRA’s authenticity as an “insider” or any of his intelligence about the Collateral Accounts, but I do know that circumstances in my life currently are saying “What are you going to do about it?”  As sovereign beings we are born into a system whereby our Soul is assigned monetary value, and that value is traded as collateral across international waters.  If that ain’t enough for the average person to handle you then find out there are forces beyond this earth influencing our free will?

Well damn.

This brings me to the next subject which was the esoteric nature of our fight for freedom and how there are forces beyond our physical existence influencing and manipulating our efforts.  This falls into the realm of “reptilians” or “Astral beings” who perpetrate negativity, conflict and human angst.  Call it the Devil, if ya like.

My takeaway – if there’s one thing our creator gave us that can’t be taken away, it’s our free will.  This is the very reason the “New World Order” has manifested a system that works extremely hard convincing us that it can.

To conclude COBRA also talked a little bit about his conferences.  He describes them as “energetic” events, transformational even for the people who attend.  COBRA says these events contribute greatly to the critical mass of surface humanity and ultimately the liberation of planet earth.

Unfortunately the conference near me was cancelled but would love to hear from anyone who does go and cares to share their experience.

— Begin Interview Transcript —

GR Ok, I just wanted to sort of open the floor to you. What kind of information or intel is most prescient at the moment and pressing?

COBRA Ok um, I have made a couple of posts that are quite important.  The first one is about the Day of Decision in about a week.  It is the beginning of the second window of opportunity so this is a good chance for us to push forward with the light and make the final breakthrough.  So this is just a call to people to join forces and to make the decision for liberation.  Because as you probably know, decision is the key factor of free will and if the critical mass of human beings use their free will and make that decision, this can create a quantum leap and be this last element needed to make that quantum leap.

COBRA So this is the first post, the second post is about the master plan, I have just explained a little bit about the background about the liberation of this planet and The master plan, um I would describe this as the forces of light that are beyond this planet will help, from the background by contacting the fluid group of people who would be the most suitable at that particular moment to create the event.  So I think this is the most important information at this point to prepare us for the coming changes.

GR For those who are not familiar with your blog, can you go over some of the most basic concepts behind this post “the master plan?” and what people can do specifically to assist with the decision that we have to make.

COBRA Ok so, I would say, very shortly, there are positive forces that are beyond this planet, very positive forces who have been working on the liberation of this planet for thousands and thousands of years and they were preparing for this time.  And now we have come to the point where they are beginning to communicate with the surface population through me and through some other messengers one way or the other and time has come now for the surface population of this planet to actively cooperate with the plan and uh, what they said to me or communicate to me is that one of the critical factors here is human free will. Human decision.  So if the critical mass of human beings make the decision for liberation, liberation will happen and the event that we are having next week will help with that critical mass.  The other factor which is very important here is, they communicated to me that one of the main reasons for the delay or one of the main reasons this hasn’t happened before is because human beings have not learned to cooperate with each other.  Instead of that there are accusations, fights, conflicts and most of this is artificial.  It is created by so-called “Archons” and their minions, reptilians on the Astral plane. Uh, I would say that those beings on the astral plane are shall we say nonphysical planes.  They have quite a good overview of human weakspots, of every human being.  And what they do is they pressure upon those weak spots and they create conflict.  And this is what was happening very intensively in the last few months, just especially just because we are so close to the final breakthrough.  This is why the other side has become a little bit crazy and a little bit paranoid and will try to do whatever they can to stop the progress of light.  But yet again here, the key decision is the free will of every human being.  Will I be subjected to those attacks, it is a decision for every human being, will I be tool for those attacks or not?  So I would ask every human being who is listening to this to say “no” to that influence.  Learn to support each other and to cooperate with each other and do not accuse anybody without having real proof.  So that is my message at this point.

GR So would you say these so-called reptilians or astral beings are they just essentially thoughts that get in the way of positive progress?  How does someone who is not familiar with these terms understand this?

COBRA Um, they are real beings but are not living on the physical plane.  I think most people would agree with me that the physical plane is not the only plane of existence that we have.  And without understanding that there is more to this world than just the physical plane, we cannot liberate this planet because the key influence that is blocking the progress of light is not on the physical plane.  The physical cabal could not control humanity without massive assistance from the Astral plane.  The wars could not be made, they could not be created without that massive support of forces from the Astral plane – it would not be possible.  So, by becoming aware of this you become stronger Because you know what’s going on, and one of the key factors here is just to be aware of what is going on.  And then the light will be stronger and at a certain point we’ll be strong enough for the final breakthrough, for the event.

GR Now you hear about in various sources or channels so-called “Earth Allies,” and these are I guess people who exist in various military agencies, intelligence groups et cetera.What do they have to do that is different than regular citizensthat has to do with the plan and the day of decision?

COBRA Ok I will explain. The term “earth allies” actually goes to the Resistance Movement.  This is a description of the Resistance Movement a different description of the same thing.  Most of the Resistance Movement exists below the surface of the earth, underground in their underground bases and installations.  There are very few Resistance movement operatives who are on the surface of this planet and yes some of them are inside the military.  And those who are inside the military have contacted other people inside the military who are the ones who are actually carrying out the plan of liberation  And this is not limited to just the US military, it is also in other parts of the world, it is a global operation.  This is something people need to understand it is not just located inside the United States.  The whole Planet needs to be liberated, at once.

GR When these individuals in the various agencies are made aware that they are an “earth ally” what kind of experience would they have that would begin that journey, do you know that? Is that something you’re aware of?

COBRA Some of those people were contacted physically in the last few decades and were given physical proof about the existence of the Resistance movement and some of them chose to cooperate.

GR Oh, so since that time they have chosen to help in some way? Are they contacted individually and given certain tasks? how does that work?

COBRA Yes, most of them are contacted individually and given very specific intel just pertaining to their own specific mission and they are given just enough information so that they understand what is going on and a certain trust is created. Because this network of light is based on trust, a certain amount of trust needs to be created for this to be successful.

GR You know this is interesting because it corroborates something that has happened to me in the last 6 months, but I have not yet disclosed on my site.  I was contacted by a vietnam veteran who had a storied military lineage and he contacted me because of a whistleblower I hosted on my site named “Dutch.” he actually reported to me that he was abducted during the course of his service and had a period of 10 hours of missing time and when he awoke he found that the individual he was with he could communicate somewhat telepathically.  He said that he was given a mission by these beings which he described as energetic beings – they didn’t have physical form.  And what he had to do initially was to help confiscate and dispose of weaponry which was being reverse engineered by he said “other, negative extra terrestrials” to be used against the human race.

COBRA Yes, things like that were happening but not by the Resistance Movement. The resistance movement never abducted anybody.  Most of the contact was made by a short conversation and a presentation of evidence.  And of course all of those conversations remain confidential.   The ones who were contacted did not talk about it to anybody.


GR So it’s a real physical contact then.

COBRA Yes, yes.

GR Gotcha. Ok, well I wanted to also ask you about some comments recently made by [Pentagon Insider] Drake I’m not sure if you’ve listened to the show or heard of this…

COBRA I did not listen to the show but I read some things elsewhere and on various blogs.

GR Well I’m gonna play the clip real quick so that those who haven’t heard it can have some context and then I’ll let you respond.

Drake: Umm, COBRA, 2012 Portal.  Umm, Ladies and Gentlemen, COBRA has put out some blatantly false, totally misleading HORSE HOCKEY on several occasions and no COBRA, I ain’t backin up! Quit Playin.  I know who you work for and who signs your paycheck, and your location and a few other things, uh, if you didn’t work for the Cabal, you wouldn’t have anything to say, ok?  Professional Shill? Absolutely.

COBRA Ok, um, when he came forward in march of this year he actually had contact with one of those people who were contacted by the Resistance [movement].  But after some events happened in early May of this year, that contact was disconnected. and he had some conditional contacts through May and June, but then he lost it. And actually he lost his main source of intel and I would simply say that he is not informed any longer so he makes his choices on some mixture of information and disinformation. So what he is saying about me now is disinformation, I am actually quite surprised that he uses sources like Former White Hat and similar sources.

GR Gotcha.  In the Master Plan post you mention from a very credible source that Neil Keenan is not the trustee for the Collateral Accounts uh, I’m not sure if you can reveal that information at this time but can you speak about what’s happening in the Financial world and the new financial system?

COBRA The first thing that was happening in the beginning of this year I have received reports from the Resistance movement that the White Dragon society is not as white as it should be and there was some infighting over the collateral accounts and things like that.  Then I start hearing reports during the summer of this year that not everything is ok with this whole Keenan situation and from other sources as well but I didn’t want to post anything before I was 100% sure  so I check this thing directly through a contact who is very close to the real trustee of the Collateral Accounts and yes he said to me Keenan is not the real deal. So I am just relaying the message I received.  I cannot say for myself because I don’t know Keenan, and I don’t know the trustee directly but one of my contacts who is actually in very close contact with the real trustee confirmed this to me, with evidence.  And to say it shortly there is a lot of infighting and a lot of greed taking place in various positive groups who are supposed to bring those collateral accounts to humanity and I am in contact with other groups not exposed to the public who are working with much more positive motivation to bring those accounts to the public. But I will not announce anything because that would not serve the purpose.  The purpose is actually the action itself so that things start happening. And those collateral accounts will be brought to humanity exactly at the point that the Cabal loses its power.

GR Like all posts on the golden rule you must use your own discernment when considering what COBRA or anyone else says is “true.” I am providing the content for you to make your own decision about what that information means to you. I find it Fitting then that my discussion with COBRA focuses on “Decisions”

I also thought the contrast between Drake and COBRA’s comments interesting – made moreso by the fact that Drake never offered details of what COBRA’s disinformation was regarding.  While COBRA keeps much of his information guarded, I find myself agreeing with what he says.  I happen to agree that we have a free-will problem here on earth and don’t see what is “disinformation” about urging all human beings to make the decision to free themself.

His words resonate with me and I bet also apply to many of you out there. In truth, declaring your sovereignty in the face of our tyrants is the only truly effective course of action we are left to make…And isn’t it our duty afterall?

That said, I do not know enough about the situation with the collateral accounts or any of the legal action being taken to make comments about that below.  I welcome your comments and questions for consideration for future interviews.

In closing, hear what COBRA had to say about his upcoming conferences and thank you for listening.

COBRA Actually I would invite everybody who would like to go to join this conference because it is not just a presentation of intel, it is an energetic event.  It is transformational for everybody who is willing to participate.  And those conferences are a actually a very good thing, I know other people are doing conferences similar to this.  Each of those events helps in reaching the critical mass for the planet so everybody is invited.

Also I would like to say to people that now it’s time for everybody to learn to be tolerant and learn to cooperate.  Because what I received from the Pleiadians is that not only does the Cabal need to be removed but they will appear only to the extent that people learn to cooperate with each other and learn not to judge each other.   They are a peaceful nation and they do not want to be involved in a human situation directly until humanity advances at least to a certain extent.



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