July 11th, 2017

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My Letter to the Resistance Movement

Many people are writing to the Resistance Movement regarding their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives about 3D life on Earth’s surface. This is my effort at doing this as well.


On the surface of Earth, many hurdles are put in place which make it difficult or even impossible for us to take care of ourselves. Either we lack the technology and skills… or we lack the financial and legal means toward the end of self-sufficiency.

Cobra once stated “They have everything” regarding the Light Forces… I assume this meant the ET races and not necessarily the Resistance Movement as the latter was still living in natural (but nonetheless altered by sentient beings) caverns within the Earth’s crust. Advanced technologies do not necessarily equal 100% freedom… but I still suspect the Resistance (RM) would prefer their underground caverns to the restrictions on the surface of Earth.

While 99.999% of the surface population does not realize it – when certain ingenious persons do figure out how to provide not only for themselves but for many, these persons become targets of the Cabal control structure. One is allowed to live freely only within a certain set of pre-determined conditions which either support or at least do not meaningfully threaten the control structure (matrix) of Earth.

If a person does threaten this “matrix” – even with the most innocent of intentions – they face brutality which is hitherto unknown by the rest of humanity. In this way can the matrix be maintained with the implied consent of the vast majority of humans – if an innocent person is murdered or financially ruined and the mainstream media does not report it… it is as if the incident ‘never happened’.

Phil Schneider, Karla Turner, and William Cooper should be treated with the same reverence as various ‘patriots’ who are considered the founders of the United States. Yet a poll of 100 pedestrians in Manhattan asking people about their significance… the best answer would likely be “Wasn’t Phil Schneider on the cast of Saturday Night Live back in the nineties?”


Overcoming the ignorance of the masses will be a massive undertaking – especially within the United States. Not impossible, but difficult.

You, the “RM” have revealed this ‘matrix’ within an allegorical movie series of the same name – yet even this does not fully settle into the deeper consciousness of most humans. The vast majority of persons I know considered this a ‘clever plot structure’ with ‘cool special effects’… it never kindled a desire for revolution in the vast majority of sentient beings on Earth’s surface.

This is the uphill battle you have face… a population for whom 99.999% of which reality is so carefully controlled that the very idea of an energetic, intellectual prison of consciousness is complete rubbish.

If you doubt this, consider a 3D acquaintance of mine whose initials are “M.S.”. He is as an intelligent as any “conscious idiot” that you will find on the surface of this planet, but he is more interested in craft beer than true awakening. For him, reality is ONLY that which is material in nature… spirituality is considered to be superfluous to 3D existence… the only intangible aspects of reality which he considers are human emotions and thoughts – and within his intellectual paradigm even those non-material traits are firmly rooted in biological, chemical, and physical reality based upon the “advanced” teachings of 21st century human science.

You – the Resistance – have a lot of work to do on the surface of our planet. Willful intellectual ignorance based upon the idea that current science is as ‘advanced’ as humanity has ever been… this is the mountain of humanity’s consciousness which must be climbed. There are many of us who will happily assist in the re-education of humanity, but we need key tangible items to support our cause:

  • Historical accounts of past events which are supported by anecdotes, stories, and archeological evidence from Earth’s past – basically “proof” that we’ve been lied to for millenia.

  • Physical evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth.

  • Technology which works on a repeatable basis – especially that which can heal conditions quickly/cheaply/permanently. Many lives of surface humans have been ruined by cancer, permanent disabilities, chronic pain, etc. These medical conditions need to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

  • Intellectually robust ideas which are ‘fact’ outside of the Earth’s surface which can withstand the rigorous onslaught of the ‘intelligent’ 3D skeptics who fundamentally believe in the scientific method as the only basis of determining fact from falsehood.

I hope you are collectively ready for this – my guess is that you are based upon your training and historical experiences. This will be a battle not against dark forces, but rather… millennia of programmed ignorance.


Those of us who are awake and trying to actively bring about the necessary conditions for Compression Breakthrough are stuck in a no-man’s land: we’re ostracized not only by the asleep population, but also relentlessly by each other. The infighting amongst the awakened population has been the most successful defensive psychological warfare tactic of the chimera. Virtually all efforts to unify the awake population fail. It is so difficult that it is almost easier in many cases to work alone or with very small groups of people.

The common thread is that virtually every person on Earth has a personality with explicit weaknesses as well as implicit weaknesses… which are usually categorized as ‘strengths’ by self-help gurus or persons making millions/billions based upon bullshit psychology which implicitly supports the Cabal control system.

Simply – every personality strength can be a weakness in the ‘wrong’ circumstances; and the chimera/archon control structure has been hugely successful at taking all acquaintances of ‘Star Seeds’ and weaponizing those people such to undermine the missions of beings who came here from higher planes or advanced civilizations long ago and became trapped within the incarnation cycle.

This means everyone around us becomes a weapon to create circumstances in our life in which can turn those very traits which we feel most proud about… and turn them into situational weaknesses which can be exploited with sometimes deadly effectiveness. We’re talking about compassion, loyalty, service-to-others, altruism, creativity, intelligence, solid work ethic, agreeability… every single POSITIVE personality trait which has been identified within the broad scope of human psychology has a specific set of circumstances where life pressures can turn it from a strength into a crippling weakness.

This is the reality facing most ‘Star Seeds’ (lightworkers and light warriors) on the planet at this time in the liberation effort. It takes a nearly superhuman effort of ‘inner work’ (self-critical psychological analysis and spiritual investigation) to be able to transcend not only your obvious weaknesses… but to release your strengths when they are serving to imprison you. I’ve encountered few people able to do this… and no one is perfect by any means.

Given this backdrop, is it any wonder WHY things are taking so long on the surface of the planet? Yes, we (the awakened part of the population) are having our issues in working together. But it seems quite apparent that we’re subjected to intense forces (especially over repeated incarnations which have damaged our souls) which have made us easy targets for the exotic energetic weapons used by the chimera & their minions.

As frustrating as this phenomenon is for all of you off-surface groups… it’s exponentially heart-breaking to be on the surface… to know that you’ve been exploited… caused infighting, discord, and wrecked projects and relationships. These mistakes we Star Seeds make have long-lasting and sometimes wide-ranging effects… and when things go wrong, it’s difficult to repair the damage done. Many have given up due to the ineffectiveness of very public organizations, and I myself have considered this approach for my most embarrassing incidents.

But when I look deep inside and consult my higher self… the only choice is to continue and learn from my mistakes.

We not only have to forgive others, but ourselves. My hope is that beings far more advanced in consciousness than I can truly understand and appreciate how serious and desperate the situation is for surface-incarnated Star Seeds. To put it bluntly – a large number of us are surprisingly self-aware of how badly we’re fucking up regarding our missions… yet we still have the courage to get back up and keep working to liberate the planet even when our failings are exposed.


Ultimately, in our hearts and eventually the “logic-only” aspects of our brains… most of us ‘awake’ people on the surface know that eventually there will literally be a “Compression Breakthrough” which will allow for this control system on Quarantine Earth to be completely dismantled.

At some point, the masses will realize that debt (coconuts) is not money (a horse)… and that breakthrough in consciousness will allow the rest of the Disclosure process to be fully synthesized by all but the most stubbornly ignorant adult humans on the Earth’s surface. We know there will be holdouts – even with the change in consciousness – but the hope is that those people do not constrain the rest of the population from not just waking up but actively shedding the shackles of enslavement.

It’s not going to be easy, and many of us who are being counted upon to help at the time of the EVENT have been so badly hurt or damaged by the relentless onslaught of dark technological attacks that a great many Star Seeds are utterly broken mentally and spiritually. Given the high casualties this war has created, it’s unknown just how many people will be able and willing to step up even more after the EVENT.

There’s a lot of work to do… this planet is very messed up. A lot of people had great ideas and goals, but gave up back in 2012-13 timeframe since ‘nothing happened’ (they viewed the “Shift of the Ages” as a sham).

Those people need to be healed ASAP… but before ever their healing the priority must focus upon all of the worthy liberators who simply broke down due to too much interference. These two groups probably account for 98%-99% of the 10 million or so Star Seeds on the planet… because there definitely seem to be a hell of a lot fewer people actively working to liberate the planet.

The remaining 1% -2% (roughly 100,000 to 200,000)… those people will be a formidable force for the Golden Age, but relative to 7.4 billion people even that’s not enough. Of course, the number of people really engaged on a daily basis in meaningful efforts to liberate the planet is probably far lower than even 100,000, so…


I’ve been considering this logistically since the end of 2013… sadly, I was more optimistic then because I was naive as hell to the obstacles which have been implemented by the archons/chimera/cabal. Now I feel grateful that I’m even still active (and alive)… though I’m accomplishing a lot less than I thought I would by the 2017-18 timeframe.

Even those of us who are awake and actively working toward Compression Breakthrough – we still have a lot to learn, to understand, to heal, and to integrate. The road ahead looks very daunting… many of us are relying primarily on blind faith that there is indeed a Resistance Movement as well as massive fleets of positive Extraterrestrial Races surrounding the planet who are literally willing to move heaven and earth in order to bring humanity out of slavery and into a higher consciousness free from war, poverty, disease, and despair.

The final message is: We need you all to come through on these promises. Whatever’s been stated by Cobra or other plugged-in insiders or Intel voices – we need the reality to be even better than what they’ve stated. That’s the plain truth. It’s been horrible on the surface of the planet for a long time, and one aspect of humanity’s programming which has been most successful is that “there’s no one better out there”.

Restated, a hell of a lot of people believe that ET’s and advanced civilizations exist – but that anyone who comes here openly will NOT have our best interests in mind. That means we need FULL DISCLOSURE… the whole shebang… even the Veil & the Plasma Octopus. The masses need to know that what we consider ‘human history’ is really the unseen iron-handed rule of the worst Extraterrestrial AND Extra-dimensional races that have existed.

It is that understanding which will allow First Contact to happen peacefully over the longer time horizon, which will allow humans to fully de-program from Cabal ‘capitalism’ which has been covertly supported by incomprehensibly advanced extra-terrestrial technologies which have literally kept us imprisoned on this planet and in constant conflict with each other.

We had no chance of rebelling because we could not unite – we have been willing accomplices in our own enslavement – tricked via deceptions far older than our recorded history. We need a lot of things to get better very quickly after the EVENT… and it needs to be more positive than those of us awake can imagine. Because it is only through visible improvement in our daily lives that the Golden Age will become a sustainable reality in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Every human alive is a potential asset in this process, too. The ultimate goal of this process is that flame of the divine “I AM” presence is ignited in each person – when that person experiences that full connection to Source – that is when we will know the Golden Age has truly arrived.

But to reach that future – we need your help NOW more than ever. Even when people on the surface give up (daily, it seems), please don’t do the same. Please fight harder for us than ever before, and ultimately we will manifest to you (the Light Forces) our ultimate potential.

This struggle over millions of years will finally be over… and the future will be breathtakingly wonderful.

Victory of the Light!


  • Napoleon Salvail says:

    Nova, I found your letter touching and so honest. So many of us identify with all you have said, yet we all have our different stories, demons, skeletons, etc that haunt us as we attempt to keep the fires burning. I can only hope, as you, that the resistance will read and try to understand where you and so many of us are. Let us hope that they will use letters like yours to really understand where we on the surface have been for eons, and are dealing with at the present. Namaste

  • Laura Mamer says:

    Thank you Nova for sharing this. Victory of the Light!

  • peter reed says:

    interesting Nova, thanks for you open honesty and clarity or “our situation” here on the planet. I sympathise and agree with many of your viewpoints and feel that there are some of us hear in the same “boat” as you describe. I too am starting to feel a “catch – 22” situation here on our planet: That the compression breakthrough/Event) is needed for “enough” of us to fully awaken to our Ascension process and create the New Atlantis. That “enough” of “us” need to fully awaken to our Ascension process in order to initiate the compression breakthrough/ Event. The other thing that i am becoming more acutely aware of and feeling is that the more i am engaging in my own spiritual work, the more i feel distanced from this matrix reality…. and the more distanced i feel the New Atlantis (the New Earth) is from our present conditions in the Veil. I am hoping that this line of communication with the RM can shed some much needed light on our efforts here on the surface.

  • Linda says:

    Nova, thank you. When I think about writing a letter to the RM it seems daunting. You have stated my feelings so well and yet ones that I didn’t know I had until I read yours. We have a hell of a time ahead of us unless we do have more to aid us. I have felt bad each time I have seen that we aren’t doing enough collectively. And yet many of us are doing the best we can. So, thank you. I could not have said it better, ever.

  • Protoi says:

    I agree with everything stated here. You should look up the protoi in Google search, they are the only ones doing anything aparaentlly. They at the most advanced and powerful liberation group. However, you seem to be a noob soul so I don’t think you will integrate and accept most of what is there as it is a big red pill.

  • Mary Bakeas says:

    Dear Nova thank you for sharing your thoughts..! I resonate with your points..! We need more help from the Pleiadians & other ETs who r helping us..!
    I just wanted to tell u that lately with the Galactic waves there is a lot of awareness that starts to manifest.. for the 99% of the population who was clueless as to what is really happening on our beautiful planet..! Cintamani stones r placed almost everywhere on Earth..!! The power of the meditation is growing stronger..!!
    We must keep positive.. as we r the ones who can make the change happen..!
    Hold on my dear..! I do believe very soon we will have events that can help us on our cause..!
    Victory of the Light
    Mary ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Karen Savage says:

    July 13, 2017….fm Karen Savage…Houston, Texas/USA This letter is spot on with what I think everyone is feeling regarding the LIBERATION of PRISON PLANET/MATRIX=EARTH/GAIA. Seems like an endless battle to be ‘normal’ again. Have no fear; keep your faith/hope! Not all is lost. The simple fact is…we know their are others who care and are working to free the human race/humanity/mankind. Just because we don’t know their names or can see/hear them doesn’t mean we are ‘alone and hopeless’. Oh…contrair! God (both Jesus Christ-Yeshua and his wife/Mary Magdalene=who are SOUL MATES) are working on the SPIRIT REALM and EARTH/PHYSICAL REALM to bring about THE GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA/Age of Aquarius (where truth and love) are the new ‘norm’, replacing the controllers (Illuminati/DEEP STATE corrupt governments/leaders). Meditation (group think/focusing intentions=energy mentally) is the key. Humans need to understand they are WALKING/TALKING ‘energy’, which affects the WHOLE WORLD/consciousness, tied to the earth/GAIA/Mother Nature. What they ‘think about’ affects others. It’s about volume/the mass consensus of the majority (ie. 100 monkey effect). Visit my Twitter ‘tweets’: God bless to all!

  • 95Sol says:

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  • Sven says:

    I need to reply as one of the around 200.000.I still try to fulfill my mission but I am scared it has no sense struggling further.I came here as 1 from these 10 million star-seeds whats not really much against 7 billion idiots.I had all my life these and those problems like all of them.Just I had 15 years ago a light experience and since then I was taught and sent from the other side forward to do this or that,they explained me in these 15 years so many things over INTEL-method.
    I am fighting almost alone with a cabal group whats misusing children and also adults for slavery work and prostitution.They are protected by police and local politicians what probably also get their part.Unfortunatly these people block an important portal,so probably thats why I was sent here.But they block the case completly,not even TV is interested.I found help from other countries but the things go so slow and this year I even got almost no intel.If I compare it with other years before not 10% from normal.
    My mother died now at the age of 80,she was probably one of the first wave of light souls born in 1937 and of course had a blocked life and a bad childhood.But she was always in a good mood,even she was brought down so much,but now the octopus took her after a surgery.As far as I know she was meant to stay another 2-3 years here because she also helped to push “the problem” forward to the light.She wanted so much to see the result.But again,the dark ones won and I get no contact to her,hope she isnt trapped.
    To me was always shown to have a family at my actual living place in light and harmony.I am 42 now,since almost 3 years I protect a girl what escaped from this traffickers group but she isnt the one for a family and she makes the life often more comlicated for me,just she is also a high soul and needed to be safe.I hope to catch these pimps or to bring the crime visible for all but thats almost impossible.The things are going slow,too slow for us.I dont want to have this family when I am 50 or 60.I have health problems,I am under dark attack 24/7,dont know if you understand what this means???
    I have the information that there wont come more starseeds and if this mission now will fail completly…that it was for the earth,they will ruin the planet unstopped.I cant say that this would make me sad,because I got too many negative events with humans in my life.I will go back to my homeplanet or whatever it it is and live there what I didnt get here in this life and maybe come back later if there will be still an earth with then more developed people.Its the time for me where it becomes really difficult to stay here much longer for nothing happens.No steps forward to see.I guess it was a waste this mission,where do I get my payment for it?
    And still I try to fulfill it to get or become light sooner or later,just its terrible to wait so many years for nothing…

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