October 8th, 2016

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We are at a unique point regarding the liberation of Earth from parasitic ET/ED entities. For a bit of background – lightly skim Cobra’s blog posts since July and check out the last two interviews done by different Prepare For Change groups near the end of September.

Things are going very well overall in the Solar System… yet here on Earth it feels like we are going backwards. I’m speaking of mounting frustration – which seems to be experienced by everyone at this time. In a way I feel this is a necessary part of the process. Let’s rephrase that: my higher self tells me that this is a necessary part of the process, while my 3D self stomps off in a tantrum muttering f-bombs.

Seriously – everything is messed up right now. People are acting out in ways which I’ve previously witnessed. It’s hard to know how much of this is the dissolution of the matrix and how much is attributable to interference – but no single human relationship seems very functional at this point.

People are splitting up, elderly relatives are dying, companies failing, etc. No one truly believes anything anymore. Everything feels wrong or false in some manner. Reliability and dependability in services is as rare to see as a unicorn.

Emotionally, the year of 2016 has been a year of raw purging – for myself, my friends, my family, and for society as a whole. These lyrics from the musical group LCD Soundsystem’s song “Sound of Silver” are especially apt in describing what this year has felt like:

Sound of silver talk to me

Makes you want to feel like a teenager

Until you remember the feelings of

A real life emotional teenager

Then you think again

Our matrix of reality is collapsing, and with it, I think everyone feels a bit on edge at present. If we’re in tune with the changes, it likely means we’re picking up the angsty vibes of everyone else. If we’re not in tune with the changes, it likely means you have an angsty vibe yourself.

It’s OK – I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been losing a bit recently. I write this in the hope that other people feel it is alright to talk about their feelings, too. Maybe we can all be all be empathetic (not ’empathic’) toward one another right now – angry outbursts may happen from the stressors and energies around us, but at the same time, we need to feel compassion toward each other as well.

On one hand – I feel a bursting of emotions waiting to get out, and on the other I feel this overwhelming need to simply give a big hug to everyone (in person or virtually) and say

You really pissed me off – that’s why I was screaming so much. But I love you, Man!”

I guess you could call the above words a messy, awkward version of Hoʻoponopono. But it’s a start – a small step for each of us when we ‘lose it’ in one of our relationships. It’s a recognition not just of our own weakness, but also our desire to forgive and to be forgiven in kind.

Ultimately, this is a journey we’re all going to have to make in our lives – forgive ourselves, forgive each other, and (God Forbid!) forgive the vast majority of those who are part of “The Cabal”. This process is going to have screaming, yelling, tears… and a lot of long hugs with those we care about. Humanity is already undergoing group therapy, and “Disclosure” is going to bring that to a whole ‘nother level of craziness.

But ultimately it’s going to be OK – in fact, better than OK – wonderful!

At least that’s why my higher self keeps telling me when I stop muttering f-bombs and listen to what it has to say to me. At some point my 3D self gives up and says, “Yeah, you’re right. Thank you for the advice.”

Loving one another means loving ourselves. It also means accepting our own flaws as well as those of others.


(Note – I watched the whole video once.  While I kinda like the song itself, I found watching the video to be an annoying and repetitive affair.  Simply click “Stop” once you’re sick of listening/watching – there’s only one verse.  The grainy images of Paul Rudd & Jason Segal are best I could find without spending several hours online.)


  • peter reed says:

    hi nova
    thank you for your honesty and expressing your real self. i agree that these times are full of angst and not a lot of love and light….. despite all the postings and repostings, channellings, messages that appear we are in the midst of wave after wave of love and light. i think your message is a good one for there is a lot of denial out there… and what people are really feeling and being in their everyday, moment to moment, nitty gritty Selves is painful… and if they are not aware of it of feeling it, it is seething just below the surface of their awareness. i don’t at all resonate with the video/song you posted, yet to each her own…. As far as your/our “higher” selves go, we are really only our one true self, and what we call our higher self is not immune to feeling and being aware of this angst and frustration. It is that part of you/us that is aware of it All and is not as affected by the 3D matrix reality. Blessings to you and us all… Peter

  • Kat L. says:

    That was refreshing. I can relate. lols. Sigh, let’s hold a virtual hug for everyone of our bruised & pissed & battered or jumping up & down peeps all across the globe. lols!

  • Zoe says:

    Hey Nova, totally there with you man 😉 It feels though we are expanding and contracting into a newer stage of earth/self and like the birthing process, this is indeed painful as well as blissful! I am finding it very hard to stay focused and well – intentioned depsite all of my learning and teachings and channelings and god knows what else, as you have mentioned too! I feel this is like a pressure pot, where the old becomes something new altogether after being out through various pressures. Especially for let’s say, the more ‘aware’ we doing so much internal work and then going out into the world and seeing how much there is still to do and trying to conform into some semblance of this old reality version of ourselves and the world.. we can take comfort in knowing that we are not along and that we KNOW and FEEL the birthing a new transcendent realm is imminent xx Zoe

  • Danon Weaver says:

    It’s good to hear from you, Nova
    You gave us an important update, Your
    Presences is truly a blessing, Your
    Absence I regret soon, Alone
    We all live in our-selves The

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