WE Are Ready

WE Are Ready

(NB – If you are coming here for the first time after the EVENT, do yourself a favor and read more basic material.  Come back to this later, because this will all seem very weird to you. This is not something you’re going to ‘get’ or understand easily. This means you – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. This post is meant for those who’ve already been aware for months, years, or even decades about this time in human history.

I’m not saying this to be condescending. When I first started dabbling in more occult understandings of the financial control system, many concepts did not make sense. I do not care if you have an MBA or Ph.D. in Economics – unless you’ve deprogrammed yourself from most ‘conventional wisdom’ regarding the financial system, monetary creation, and regulation thereof – the writing below will not make sense.

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Event Strategy – The Head and the Heart

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Over the weekend of July 11-12, developments within the Eurozone regarding the now-viral term “Grexit” have made it quite obvious that some history-making changes will be happening in the near future regarding the financial system. Many things are pointing toward this fall – and even if nothing happens this year, the system is being held together by band-aids as the supply of duct tape ran out in early 2015.

Intuitively, we all know what this means. The EVENT is no longer this mythical happening way off in the future. It’s coming – and it may very well occur in a manner no one is expecting. It’s essentially an elaborate setup of dominoes where everything has to fall ‘just right’…and as you can see in the video at the 1:06 mark, hiccups can still happen.

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Good Morning !

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Note : This post is intended to inform readers on the day of the Event, and will be posted before the actual Event.

Good morning to you, newcomer ! It’s Mass Arrests/Financial Reset day, or Event day as we’ve been calling it for years. Yes we’ve been knowing about this for a while, for very good reasons. You were guided here to find some answers. Here are a few :

I say good morning, even though it may be afternoon or night, because what I’m actually wishing you here is a good awakening. For the great majority of the population, this is what today is all about.

The next few days are gonna be quite a ride. Nothing bad though. This is definitely not the armageddon. No hollywood-like post apocalyptic stone age. No third world war, no martial law, etc. No negative scenarios. No law of any sort imposed on … Read More

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