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I am trying to introduce Project Viral with minimal pretense. At the same time, when I really sit and think about it, this is easily the most ambitious project I’ve attempted to kick-start.

I am quite restricted due to a number of factors from being able to freely and openly travel and/or even meet with others on a regular basis. Certain efforts within my personal life have not materialized as hoped, so I’ve adapted as best as I could to the reality of working almost solely from behind a computer to assist in global volunteer preparations to prepare for the EVENT.

Thankfully, we have the power of the internet which enables much to be done simply by communicating online via social media. Every spying tool the Cabal has created for us has been a two-way street; while to a large extent everything has been monitored, the opportunity to connect with others hundreds or even thousands of miles away has breathed life into a once-faint pulse for planetary liberation.

Now the time has come to use the internet to its fullest extent possible to spread an idea quickly and effectively – hence, the name of this project. The ultimate goal is to match – as closely as possible – the speed with which changes in the news from the Mainstream Media (MSM) happen. A perfect match is not realistic, but if the virulence of a grassroots social media campaign can keep up reasonably well over the first hours where things really start happening rapidly – it will have an amazing crystallizing effect on people as they are watching the news and talking with each other.

To be honest, I would have to say my memories of the “9/11 Event” are what inspired this. I’d never seen before or since that degree of rapid-fire communication and awareness of any news story. Seeing how quickly this spread – with obvious media ‘plants’ in place now that I look back – it was more mind-boggling to me than the actual attacks themselves.

If something can be arranged to happen in that manner and spread around the world that quickly once, it can happen again. This time, however, the tables will obviously be turned. What will be happening at the EVENT is positive, and moreover social media has advanced far beyond its scope of use back in September 2001.

However, to be effective, Project Viral needs to have a solid degree of coordination on a global level. This means those who get involved initially need to be dedicated in seeing this through until the EVENT as much as possible – even if this takes weeks, months, or years. The hardest work will be the initial planning and coordination; while a significant part has already been worked out via many consultations and brainstorming sessions – input from others is vital to improve tactics in specific regions or individual circumstances.

I am not meaning to make this sound scary, but I need to emphasize that there is a lot of early work which will require intense collaboration with others. More than anything, this will require an ability and willingness to communicate on a near-daily basis at key points, but also will require the patience to be able to adapt and sometimes wait when ‘life happens’ to any of us volunteers. (Interference is pretty common…and quite intense at times.)

Additionally, critical skills specific to electronic communications are highly useful as well. Hence, people who have skills in creating/editing/translating documents, images, videos are highly desired. Photoshop & PowerPoint are just a couple examples where professional-level experience is highly valuable, spreadsheet & document-editing software (such as MS Word or Excel). Even more critically needed is experience with mass email software such as MailChimp or Aweber


If the above seems a bit much to handle, there are smaller sub-projects for those who may wish to assist on a smaller scale. Here, the most useful information possible is to accumulate lists of contacts – these can be public figures, media personalities, generic email addresses not specific to one person, acquaintances, friends, and family.

These lists can be useful in creating a personal contact tree for at the time of the EVENT. Below are some of the pieces of information which I’m accumulating regarding “Public Figures” such as vloggers or bloggers:

  1. “Personality” Name
  2. Description Field 1
  3. Description Field 2
  4. Email Address
  5. Website URL
  6. Facebook Page URL
  7. Twitter Handle

These lists – especially email addresses which are publicly available – are a gold mine as far as spreading communications virally. Collectively we can reach every single alt-media website, MSM conduit, public official, key businesspersons or non-profit executives, or simply just the collective of all of our friends and family.

To those who may wish to get involved quickly, you can send an email to with the subject heading “Project Viral”. For those who have already contacted me via “Alliance/Coalition” – you’re already included!

I will respond as quickly as possible to people individually or collectively, but it may take a little time to get a proper communication pipeline set up. However, for those willing, an “out-of-the-blue” assignment may await you if the opportunity arises. I remember clearly my first assignment from Cobra…it certainly grabbed my attention!

More updates will be provided either on or This will likely be my sole public focus until the EVENT, so keep an eye on both websites as well as your email box!

We can do this – we can make the EVENT happen peacefully and bring about our long-awaited freedom!

Victory of the Light!

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