September 7th, 2015

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Urgency Without Fear

These are troubled times for those paying attention. But if you dig deeper, real progress is being made – and even more will be made in the not-so-distant future. More importantly, when digging deeper it is imperative to look beyond traditional ‘national borders’ and understand where the real battles are being fought:

From Bix Weir today (

“It should be clear to all that these are not coincidental and there is a massive battle going on behind the scenes between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. China is working with the Good Guys to destroy the banking cabal and the Bad Guys, who still control the system, are firing warning after warning back at China.

This is NOT a China vs USA/country vs country battle. This is strictly a battle between those people, all around the world, that have controlled our lives for centuries vs some very brave people, all around the world, that are trying to take them down – permanently.

And YES – the Good Guys are winning the battle and the very root of the Bad Guys power is about to be taken away from them…”

From Ben Fulford today, the following blurb (note the full article is not available for publication):

“Chaos and conflict at the very top of the Western financial system has created a unique opportunity to permanently put an end to Khazarian mafia control of the West. Furthermore, a new group of leaders will be assuming power in the Pentagon and, if they are able to coordinate with the worldwide resistance movement, humanity can be freed from Babylonian debt slavery as early as this autumn. The important thing to drill into the heads of military, police and intelligence officials worldwide is that the West has been taken over by a group of mass murdering gangsters who need to be arrested and removed from power ASAP. To put it more bluntly, it must be explained to the military fence sitters that the Khazarian mob has been actively trying to kill them and their families with manufactured diseases, toxic chemicals, unhealthy food, multiple attempts to start World War 3 etc. meaning that fence sitting is no longer an option. Self-defense is mandatory.

The anniversary this Friday of the September 11, 2001 mass murder event in New York would be a good time to take action. All it will take is for all aware members of the military and police in the US and for all governments outside of the US to demand the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. Anybody, from Obama on down, who tries to stop the arrests must themselves be arrested.”

However, despite the urgency which exists internationally regarding all factions – good and bad – there is also a need for patience and calm:

“It will be the usual normal September without any drastic events. Of course things will happen as they’re happening already. They might escalate to a certain degree but I am not expecting any ground shattering event or any cataclysmic event at that point. There are greater cosmic cycles that are more important than those blood moons or anything that people are predicting and September is not the time frame that the RM is expecting the big breakthroughs to happen.”

This last bit may seem a bit odd in context, but the above was one of Cobra’s responses in an interview done in August with Lynn (Angel Eyes) of Prepare for Change. To me, I’ve interpreted this as meaning we’re going to have a wild ride to the finish. Every week there seems to be another explosion in China, ISIL is dominating discussions in the Middle East, and financial markets seem more unstable than at any point since 2008.

Even with all of the chaos, the big changes may take a few months. As tired as people are of waiting…and waiting…and waiting, it is to our benefit to have a bit of early warning. All of us have preparations to make in order to cope with the coming turbulence:

Message from Montague Keen on Sunday 6 September 2015

“There is no time to procrastinate. It is time to prepare to take action that will enable you to deal with whatever you need to cope with, for the survival of the human race. I have told you, many times, that September is when the Cabal will show its hand. Every day you are witnessing humanity struggling for its survival on the shores of Europe. These people were deliberately displaced through war, in order to cause SUFFERING and PAIN, the ENERGY of which, GIVES THE CABAL THE ENERGY TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH. Remember, your suffering and pain is the OXYGEN they need to exist on Earth. They need a lot of this to take over the Earth and to destroy humanity.”

My personal beliefs are a bit more sanguine than what is being communicated here, but I am not discounting these words one bit. We may have a rough go of daily life at certain points, but the more we prepare the less difficult the coming financial collapse will be. Be ready to assist in taking care of loved ones, have enough food and supplies on hand to withstand disruptions in the distribution system, and make sure to be mentally prepared for topsy-turvy news.

While the playbook of the Cabal will be different this go around, we learned some key aspects of their long-term strategy in 2008. First, they will continue to insist up to the very point of collapse that “Everything is fine. The economy is strong and vibrant. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Then once the collapse happens, immediately the masses will be asked to make ‘sacrifices’ in order to salvage the world’s financial system. The most likely tool this time will not be bailouts (like TARP in 2008) but rather bail-ins. Simply, a bank’s capital will magically consist of any depositors’ funds overnight, and this sleight-of-hand trick will be used to simply convince us that all is well…as long as we never expect to get all of money out of a bank every again.

Then the ‘reforms’ will be suggested. Depending upon which faction of the Cabal is making the announcements, one possibility would take the form of a ‘war on poverty’ campaign which will be championed by the Vatican…but where the vast wealth of that institution will not be acknowledged as existing. Simply, everything they’ve stolen over millennia would be more than enough to end poverty FOREVER. But trust that while Pope Francis will come across as a humble advocate for the world’s poor, any wealth redistribution plans will simply be band-aids which do nothing to combat the systemic causes of economic stratification. In fact, these redistribution plans may even be the catalyst for class warfare as the ‘have somes’ will turn against the ‘have nots’.

This is just one hypothesis, and there will probably be many twists and turns to their public attempt to stay in power during a period of great reform. Sharing this is only meant to be an example of future chess moves. Really, my main message is “Be prepared for almost anything but most importantly keep your wits about you.

We will get through this OK. Some of us may have difficult times ahead, though. I am expecting that for myself. But every time I get afraid, I always try to move away from the paralysis of fear and into positive intention and action. Fear can be a tool of control, but it can also be used as an early warning system that we need to take action to address specific circumstances. It is all about taking responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions – and not giving away our sovereignty toward those already part of the control system.

Victory and liberation are close at hand. We must seize this opportunity to take back our planet. Chances like this do not come around “every day”.


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