WE Are Ready

WE Are Ready

(NB – If you are coming here for the first time after the EVENT, do yourself a favor and read more basic material.  Come back to this later, because this will all seem very weird to you. This is not something you’re going to ‘get’ or understand easily. This means you – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. This post is meant for those who’ve already been aware for months, years, or even decades about this time in human history.

I’m not saying this to be condescending. When I first started dabbling in more occult understandings of the financial control system, many concepts did not make sense. I do not care if you have an MBA or Ph.D. in Economics – unless you’ve deprogrammed yourself from most ‘conventional wisdom’ regarding the financial system, monetary creation, and regulation thereof – the writing below will not make sense.

More background reading and study is necessary – if you’re smart enough to have one of those titles, then please get to work and start catching up. A lot needs to be cleaned up in our global finances  – and this can only be done by people who have a solid understanding of the old system.

The “We” in the title is referring to those of us who’ve continually suffered ridicule and attack from others for being crazy and following “Tinfoil Hat” stuff. “We” are definitely ready – and have been for a long time.  If you are one of those people, read on – this is ultimately a call to rise up and reclaim our freedom.)

Plasma Tubes“Recently discovered – Plasma tubes around Earth”




Every once in a while, I end up asking Cobra via email “What more can I do to make it happen quickly and peacefully?” I assume you all know what “it” means in the previous sentence.

Like many of you, I am sick of waiting. However, logically – I don’t want it to happen before we’re ready.

This article is a follow-up toward my first comment here:


Let me be clear on three things here:

  1. I work in the insurance & “wealth management” industry.
  2. My specific job lies within the mysterious & sinister realm called “Financial Reporting”.
  3. I have been nervous about stating this in an obvious manner online – until now.

When I make statements like I did in the comment at the link above, I do this by getting to see and experience the psychology of corporate America from the inside. For the most part, here is my assessment:

“Why are the same behaviors for which we were scolded as children now rewarded when we are adults?”

I’ve always been a harsh judge of human character, and I’ve never bought into stock arguments that ‘this is just human nature’ or ‘humans are just animals’.

Bullshit.   That mindset is complete fucking programmed bullshit.

We need to expect better of ourselves and our peers. Part of humanity awakening is the realization that not only do we need to treat each other better, but that it is quite easy and beneficial for all to do so.

This has semi-literally been beaten out of us by the time we are ready to enter indentured servitude the work force. It is the need to take care of ourselves and our family that causes us to view each other not as individuals of the same species, but rather as threats to our long-term security and ability to live a happy and prosperous life.

Moreover, those who have the staunchest attitude toward others as ‘competition for finite resources’ are not treated for mental illness as they should be in a sane world – rather they are rewarded and rise up to powerful positions within the corporate hierarchy.

Is that not a sign that something is wrong with our financial system – that those who are most heavily rewarded are those whom are most successful at asset-stripping all of the world’s “useless eaters”?


Here is Where Things Get Really Weird

Nothing Beyond Our Reach

Based upon a couple of recent posts on Cobra’s blog, it appears – as unbelievable and bizarre as this will sound to others not yet aware – it appears that the entity “Yaldabaoth” is literally fueled by our financial system.


So, the ‘black magic’ fuel which enables a plasmatic octopus entity to survive around the Earth is actually the energy of our financial system?

Why not – given how strange all the rest of our reality seems to be, let’s put the icing on the cake of weirdness.

Yet, there is evidence – some very old – to suggest that this may indeed be the case with our reality. For an introduction to just how old, start researching the term “Babylonian Money Magic” – but realize that many articles on the subject will be ‘racially charged’. I disapprove of this bias for many reasons, which is why I’ve provided no specific links. However, you’ve been warned about what you will find.

Essentially, this seems to be how it works in a simplified manner:

  1. To utterly subdue any population, control their most basic needs – food & water.
  2. In order to instill maximum fear, create a system that is utterly debt-ridden. The easiest way to do this is to simply charge interest for all money in circulation.
  3. When that is not enough to fuel your nefarious plots, start charging others’ interest for money that does not even exist in reality…i.e. numbers that only exist in a computer or on paper. Best described as ‘derivatives’…but there’s more to it than that.

If you prefer more recent anecdotes, see the following which take on new meaning at present:



Does this mean Lloyd Blankfein knowingly worships a different “God” than what people automatically conceive when hearing that word? While the main bank in control of the financial system is likely J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs is not exactly a shining star of ethical banking practices:


Consider all of above links in conjunction with the following:

March 2008        http://www.marketwatch.com/story/derivatives-are-the-new-ticking-time-bomb?page=1

October 2011       http://moneymorning.com/2011/10/12/derivatives-the-600-trillion-time-bomb-thats-set-to-explode/

June 2013            http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-441-trillion-dollar-interest-rate-derivative-timb-bomb#disqus_thread

April 2015            http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-six-too-big-to-fail-banks-in-the-u-s-have-278-trillion-dollars-of-exposure-to-derivatives#disqus_thread

June 2015            http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/warren-buffett-derivatives-are-still-weapons-of-mass-destruction-and-are-likely-to-cause-big-trouble#disqus_thread

July 2015             http://sjlendman.blogspot.com/2015/07/15-quadrillion-time-bomb.html

It should be readily apparent that there are problems coming; it has been known on the inside for at least seven years, and much longer for those who realized why the US Dollar was the world’s reserve currency despite there being ZERO intention of ever paying back the borrowed monies.

But here is where things get weird – is there actually an artificial intelligence entity which is driving all of this? As crazy as it will sound to people in the first few months after the EVENT, this seems as good of an explanation as anything for why our world is so messed up.

Think about the dominant motives behind every single financial transaction:

  • Greed
  • Power
  • Control
  • Desire
  • Fear

The following transaction types all result from negative reinforcement (fear-based):

  • We pay our rent or mortgage so we do not lose the place we call ‘home’.
  • We pay for college expenses so ‘we can get a better paying job (and theoretically NOT live paycheck-to-paycheck)’.
  • We go to work every day because “We feel lucky to simply have a job” which provides us a periodic paycheck.
  • We pay our taxes so we do not get in trouble with our corporate governments.

If the above motives and emotional stimuli underlie most financial transactions, then it begins to make more sense why our financial system seems to reward those who literally do the most harm to the planet, humanity, and life upon it.

Our financial system has been designed for the specific purpose to suck as much of the energy (time, effort, ‘real’ wealth) from the bulk of humanity. At a practical level, think of VISA or Mastercard – how they take a small percentage of every transaction which occurs. Why do those particular companies get to make money off of this? Is this not ‘service to humanity’ that GASP – may be better provided by an entity which does not have profit as a motive?

It is much, much worse than just those companies. Someday soon, people will be finding out all about this – but instead of turning a blind eye as has been the case for decades, the masses will realize what’s really been behind this financial system.

But the hard part – admittedly even for me – is the knowledge that this is due to a sentient plasma octopus which is literally integrated with the Earth.

For those of you who find the above concept easy to believe and understand, ask yourself these questions:

  • Could I explain this (concept) to my spouse or partner?
  • Could I explain this to my parents and siblings?
  • Could I explain this to my friends?
  • Could I explain this to my co-workers or even my boss?

If you are someone who has zero issues with any of the above, then you may be one of the luckier people on the planet. Frankly, I want to meet you. But most of us…this is not something any of them will understand prior to the EVENT.

Even afterwards, it is hard to foresee how quickly the central thesis of this article will accepted by the majority of Earth’s population. My hope is that most people can understand the basic concepts of systemic financial fraud within months, but once you get all the way to the root of the problem…that will be a bit harder for people to digest.

This strikes at the heart of humanity being ready.

Many people we all know and love have zero acceptance of the ideas which we consider sensible and ‘likely to be true’. These people will need to adapt their understanding of reality VERY QUICKLY, because the more people are awake and mentally functional in the first days after the EVENT – the more successful we will be in keeping the peace and getting people mobilized en masse to do something positive for the world, for humanity, or for nature.

Ultimately, it is quite simple. WE (I AM) ARE READY. If you cannot look yourself in the mirror and say those words with complete honesty, then you still have preparatory work to do. I myself am not ready…yet. I know I have work to do, and I know others out there do as well. But I will do as much as I can over the coming months, and will be connecting with the Galactic Center to optimize my time and energy.

As many of us as possible must do the same. The EVENT needs to happen, and there are not as many of us ready for the shift as would be ideal. This means those of us who are awake & aware need to be able and willing to shoulder a bigger load. It is an immense responsibility, but the reward of taking on this work should be self-evident.

We finally have a chance to be free of this sickness infecting our home forever. As tired and defeated as all of you are, now is the time to rise up and claim our sovereignty. We can and will be successful. This means we have to collectively declare:

“We are ready for the EVENT, and will help our fellow humans get up-to-speed on the massive changes around us. Together we will make this a success, and we will repair our planet such that it will shine with light across the universe.

Come, Galactic Wave, it is time.  We welcome you to our world.


Nova Biscotti



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