April 30th, 2015

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Land of Confusion (Don’t Give In!)

Land of Confusion (Don’t Give In!)


“There’s too many men – Too many people – Making too many problems…

…and not much love to go ‘round. Can’t you see this is a land of confusion.”

Over the past month, I’ve been seeing a lot of conflicting information regarding Jade Helm. Most websites are promoting it as the implementation of Martial Law within the United States. The paranoia is palpable, and is even getting attention within the mainstream media:

Frankly, it is getting sickening. I appreciate when people are trying to warn others about what is going on behind the scenes, but right now the roar of panicked gun-owners across the affected states (as well as those NOT affected) is getting deafening.

In my opinion this is a disinformation campaign on the part of both the White Hats as well as Cabal agents.

One may ask “Why is it necessary for those trying to do good to use disinformation tactics?”

Well, it all comes down to having agents who are deeply undercover within the Cabal hierarchy. Disinfo can be elaborately done via rewriting an entire ‘Intel Dump’, or it can merely involve a few specially placed words or paraphrasing in order to avoid giving away the source.

While we all would like to know the full truth of what is going on and who is exactly on which side…if an Intel Dump was published verbatim, wouldn’t it be easy to figure out exactly who the mole is? I’m simply stating the obvious here – disinformation can be used for multiple purposes by all manners of individuals or factions. Just because someone ends up retracting a statement or gets caught making contradictory agents does not automatically mean that “They’re a Cabal asset working for the CIA” or “Zbignew Brzezinski is their handler” (Note – this is in reference to a specific person, and in case that individual reads this – no, I don’t believe that is true. But sometimes uncomfortable temporary alliances may be formed to take out a particular common enemy.)

It can go both ways – some people who seem to be 100% legit end up getting exposed as Cabal agents. On the other hand, an individual with a ‘notorious’ reputation may end up being shown to be amongst the most dedicated positive individuals on the planet.

Ultimately, we are going to be going through another period of disinformation and fear-mongering. Luckily, there are many out there working to make us aware that this is coming:

Personally, I do not necessarily agree with everything stated in these articles – but just because I believe something different does not make their messages any less meaningful or powerful. In fact, I could very well be wrong due to my own biases – and if there are differences, some of the things stated in these links may very well end up being true and I will end up eating a pile of crow-flavored tofu (crowfu?).

The point is that this is a time to bend – but not break – intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. We’re going to find out a lot of things quite soon – and we may end up being quite disturbed by the depth of the revelations. I expect certain things to finally hit the mainstream, and that this will set off a chain-reaction of allegations against various public cut-outs as the behind-the-scenes players do their best to ensure ultimate blame gets directed ‘anywhere but at them’.

Since this will likely be done by all major Cabal factions, it will have the unintended consequence of exposing EVERYONE who has dirty hands. This will dramatically raise the awareness of the public as to the level of corruption at the highest levels across the world. What makes this so fascinating is that there are many threads from which to pull:

  1. A dramatic revaluation in the price of gold based where paper prices are more closely aligned with those associated with physical delivery (Listen to Jim Willie interviews; allegedly the price for physical delivery is 30%+ higher than those prices quoted in the ‘official’ markets run by the Western Banking Cabal.)
  2. The ‘Grexit’ – Greece leaving the Eurozone and the value of the EURO plummeting to its lowest level since January 31, 2002 (see chart here: The current relationship is 1.09 EUR/USD, whereas the exchange rate on 1/31/2002 was 0.86. This would mean a 20% decline in the value of the EURO, unless mitigated through derivatives in the currency exchange markets.)
  3. Explicit revelations that “The West” is out of gold (physical delivery only).
  4. A major media story connecting human trafficking with powerful religious, economic, and political figures.
  5. Arrests of a group of politicians in a particular country (i.e. a ‘criminal conspiracy’ which where indictments are made).
  6. Putin plays one of the cards in his hand. My vote here is that Russia publicly releases information on a large scale that confirms 9/11 was a nuclear attack…but does not state exactly ‘who’ did it. This would have the desired effect of creating vast infighting within the Cabal as various factions and countries try to absolved themselves of involvement.  (FYI – A very recent talk by David Wilcock supports this particular scenario.)

These are just a few of the possibilities that are running through my head, and there are many more running through others’ minds. Any number of these could transpire simultaneously, which would further accelerate the fireworks. All in all, this could be a bumpy ride to the finish. There will be confusion and uncertainty rampant; and the Cabal will do everything possible to fuel this uncertainty.

We received a taste of this after the Ukrainian ‘Coup’ in which Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown resulting in the chaos and bloodshed we are now seeing. This was compounded by multiple incidents involving airliners crashing or simply disappearing over the subsequent 12 months.

My hope is that further loss of life and limb can be averted by those seeking to bring down the Cabal. However, there’s a lot we ourselves can do to help the situation globally as well:

  • Daily meditation where one visualizes a more peaceful world
  • Participation in weekly mass mediations
  • Not giving into fear-mongering as much as possible no matter how shocking and disturbing
  • Make personal or community-focused preparations for the EVENT; i.e. take care of yourself, family, or neighbors – or develop plans where you personally contact members of the media, local politicians or law enforcement, fire departments, militia groups, and business leaders.

The sooner a critical mass of people around the world take as many of these action steps as possible, the sooner we will have the EVENT happen and be free of the confusion, fear, and disinformation to which we are constantly subjected.

Ultimately, the power to end this madness resides in each of us. It is time for us to stand up and declare our intentions to take back our world.


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