April 8th, 2015


A Short Update 4-8-2015

I am grateful for the massive increase in traffic and favorable response to the previous post.  It was inspired in large part due to tumult regarding my work situation – while I am someone who takes pride for ‘a job well-done’, I am currently working more hours than ever and it is resulting in chronic health problems which do need to be addressed at some point.

It is a fine line balancing rest, work, and keeping up with my commitments to PFC & The Event Reference.  This is not meant to be whining, as I know many in the world suffer greatly during these times.  However, I am more or less exhausted as I’ve not really had a ‘work break’ longer than a day since the summer months of 2014.

I would love nothing more than to shut off the outside world and simply write and work on various websites in preparation for the EVENT.  However, that is not feasible given that I have a specific mission planned at the time of the EVENT which is predicated on staying employed where I currently work.  While I am certain it will make a positive impact, the degree of the impact is incalculable at present.  The most I can share is that I intend to be actively lobbying various executives – even outside of my own company – to do the following:

  1. Keep normal business operations functioning to the greatest degree possible – especially for companies which manufacture, distribute, and sell needed items like food, medical supplies, toiletries, etc.
  2. If operations do slow-down or completely stop, ask employees to volunteer to help local law enforcement, militias, military reserves and active-duty personnel at various temporary distribution centers which will need to be set up in order to compensate for supply disruptions.
  3. Be willing to radically change their approach to managing a company long-term…because change will be easiest for all involved if there is a significant degree of cooperation instead of litigation and possible arrests for those stubbornly refusing to adapt.
  4. Be creative in doing good for consumers as well as employees.  Any actions should be considered not in terms of how they benefit the company’s owners/shareholders, but rather in terms of what will be most beneficial for large segments of society without causing undue harm to other segments.

Many of the details involved with my personal plan cannot be published, but one tool I plan to use is professional networks which are common in my industry.  For example, if you are a member of a trade union, if you can contact your local, state, or even national union leadership – you may be able to get those individuals moving on an action plan where collectively the organization can say “We’re here to help, and this is what we can offer skill-wise & resource-wise.”

I hope at least 10-20 people come out of the woodwork creating similar plans.  Given the likely paralysis of political leadership once the shutdown begins and arrest ensue, it will be necessary for as many people as are willing to create action plans, contact trees, and pre-written emails which can be quickly sent out in those first days.  The more specific and actionable the ideas, the more likely they will be implemented quickly to have the maximum positive impact.

The above offers a simplified summary of my own personal action plan.  Feel free to contact us if you wish to create your own and desire feedback.

I also hope what I’ve written above demonstrates the necessity of continuing my current less-than-desirable employment.  I will make the maximum positive impact by simply ‘staying put’.  But that means updates on the website will be uneven.  Some weeks may have a solitary post or update, others may have a flurry of activity.

Regardless, please continue to come back as we get more content and materials posted.  Feel free to connect with us if you have ideas for submission or wish to develop your own personal action plan for the EVENT.


Nova Biscotti

The Event Reference
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