March 16th, 2015

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Deciding To Tread Off The Beaten Path

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This is an ‘off the cuff’ post written while functioning under ‘suboptimal mental conditions’.  Simply, this is more or less an unfiltered stream-of-consciousness post.

The website you are reading is designed by people who are still ‘in the midst’ of their spirtual growth.  In saying that, I am trying to convey a very simple idea:

“Anyone can be a leader within the new paradigm if they choose to do so and are willing to accept the backlash of those who are paying attention.”‘

I write this not due to any one source, but upon reflection of the inputs of myriad sources  – including those who would consciously reject the new paradigm of ‘love, independence, and respect’.

To be clear, that is where I believe we are heading.  But…I may not share the same views as others regarding the process of how we get there.  The future will be written in large part by those who do not believe that a positive future exists.  Many of those whom I expect to be leaders within the new paradigm will be – as of 3/15/2015 – part of one of the ‘mainstream’ belief systems.  In that context, I am including not only accepted mainstream religious beliefs, but also that of what we would call ‘secular humanists’.

While I know this is going to bother people, it bears repeating:  “Our future will be driven in large part not by those of use who are already ‘awake‘, but rather by those who upon understanding and integrating truth take it upon themselves to make our planet a better place to live.”

Whether we like it or not, ‘reality’ is a concept shared by the majority of the sentient beings of any civilization.  Given what appears to be coming as we travel on this road, ‘reality’ will be shifting on a daily basis for a while – and likely a monthly basis for close to a decade.  Just as people become comfortable with one concept, new revelations or discoveries will come which shatter the paradigm which just became ‘acceptable’ to the masses.  This will happen over and over and over again.

If it seems that I am ‘nuts’ for saying this, then I offer you this:  “Try explaining to any random person on the street how important it is to meditate upon the health of the Earth in order to maintain a ‘healthy’ planet for us to live upon.”  Pre-Event, my guess is that 5-6 people out of a hundred will understand and accept that reality, and only 1-2 will consciously take action with this knowledge.

However, after the Event, the numbers will increase rapidly.  Why?  Because for the first time in human history, we’ll be getting a steady diet of information which reinforces the idea of reality itself as being ‘conscious’.  Right now (3/15/15), most people don’t look at a pile of rocks and say “I wonder how those rocks perceive reality?”.  In fact, the very idea of ‘rocks’ having sentience will strike most as utterly ridiculous – even during the first weeks after the EVENT.’

But it will not be that way for ever.  Eventually, the overwhelming evidence supporting the idea that sentience or ‘self-awareness’ is a fundamental property of the universe itself will become “conventional wisdom”.  Once that happens, humanity will be noticeably different – we will be more peaceful, respectful, and conscientious.

That, however, is our future.  The present – where humanity is at right now – is a different story.  For us to get to this prophesied ‘Golden Age’ will require a good amount of work – both regarding our inner consciousness as well as our outward actions in the world.  If you are reading this prior to the EVENT, understand that you must be a leader of some sort.  That doesn’t necessarily mean getting out in the streets with a megaphone and proclaiming that “The New Age Is Here!”.

Rather, my belief is that this will happen in small but sure-footed steps.  If you send an email blast when the banking shutdown happens which tells friends, family, and colleagues “Don’t worry!  We can get through this.” – that is what real leadership is.

If you are reading this and find yourself thinking “Hey – I have an idea that may be of use during the EVENT.” – please submit it.  You can do this in multiple ways – via comments, submissions, emails, etc.  My personal email is – please send it on to us, and we’ll try to post it somehow.

Time is flying these days – we’ll do our best, but we have our daily lives to live as well.  If this can be a full-time job which pays enough to live – that will be ideal.  However, as of the date this is written I still have a full-time job, and the web admin has school as well.  Hence, be patient and we’ll do our best.

Ultimately, that is all any of us can do.  Our ‘best’ is not a constant level day-to-day; if we are sick with influenza our ‘best’ may simply be answering one or two emails.  However, on a good day much more can be done.

If a critical mass of people does their best every day to make the world a better place – and that mass of people increases daily – then there is no limit to what humanity can achieve.

All that is needed is the courage to try.  Anyone can be a leader if they are willing to take risks.  In a world of 7 billion, there can never be too many leaders – as long as they are willing to back up their words with actions.


Nova Biscotti



  • hearthealer says:

    Thank you so much! This web site is terrific. I have been working years for humanity and our precious earth. I came up with an idea. Remember the signs Moms used to put in their front window to designate they were a safe haven for children. How about a large sign in the window of every home where those of us who are well informed live. To let people know we can support them in their new found education of our higher awareness and new paradigm. To assist them in the days following the Event. To put up these signs now to familiarize people with our location and intentions. Maybe something like “SUPPORT for the EVENT ” for details please knock on front door.
    Fondly, HeartHealer

  • Thank you for the kind words.

  • Marian Baghor says:

    I believe with you, Nova Biscotti aka Nieuw Beschuitje (Dutch) that everyone is a leader, potentially. There’s a beautiful expression, offered by the writer of the booklet “One minute manager” saying “Everybody is a winner, some disguise themselves as losers, don’t let them fool you”. I always base my actions and approach of people on that expression. Regarding putting a sign in my window, the proposition of hearthealer, oops… that would turn my home probably into a mixture of a youth-hostel for the happy mentally disturbed and a rehab hospice 😉 I think I’d rather hang out with them in the park or the pub. Of go for a long walk with them, on the Moors.

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